Did this Archie comic ever predict online homeschooling in 1997?

It seems so, but The simpsons don’t have a monopoly when it comes to frighteningly accurate predictions of the future, after all. A Archie Comics comic book from around 25 years ago is now going viral for almost correctly anticipating a shift to distance learning in 2021. Comics The issue published in 1997 left netizens stunned after the official Archie Comics Facebook page published a comic describing how he imagined distance learning in 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought drastic changes to our daily lives. The new normal involved a significant change in the daily functioning of human beings. While many small and large businesses have had to switch to the concept of working from home (WFH), educational institutions have also shifted to online learning due to the unprecedented situations due to the lockdown. Although most must not have visualized this situation, Archie Comics seems to have strangely predicted the state of schooling in 2021 in one of their 1997 editions.

Archie Comics shared a photo of a 24-year-old band issue titled “Betty in High School 2021” to her Facebook and Twitter page. This shows that said comic was released in February 1997, to be precise. The prophecy comes from a scene that features one of the show’s major characters, Betty.

Betty, in the comic, could be seen sitting at the dining table. His mother looks at the clock and tells him to hurry up, warning him that school is about to start. To this, Betty responds by saying that she still has 30 seconds for class to begin. Then his father tells how lucky the children of the current generation are to have school from their respective homes. Students don’t have to attend class from school, carry books, or worry about the weather.

The next scene shows Betty sitting in front of the computer preparing for the start of the conference. She then tells her parents that class is about to begin, pointing to a camera attached to the front of the computer. The comic bears an eerie resemblance to the situation today as students around the world study remotely using electronic devices due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, there have been incidents when The simpsonsThe predictions came true years later, especially those related to former US President Donald Trump. A first episode of The Simpsons resurfaced last year, almost predicting an outbreak of the coronavirus virus.

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