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This is a Caturday special edition, webcomics! Here are nine cat-themed webcomics (including several for all ages!) to read and enjoy.

At the end of January, I published a list of recommended webcomics for cats. Since then, I’ve found and read more cat-themed comics and listed them in my monthly digests. As today is Saturday (all cute tweets!), why not share more cat webcomics now? Besides, these webcomics are too good. If you’re looking for some heartwarming and comedic stories about cats, look no further than these nine lives (pun intended) below!

Webcomics that are suitable for children are marked as all ages.

Adventures of Cat Bread by kyutepastry
Adventures of Cat Bread by kyutepastry

Cat Loaf Adventures by kyutepastry (Completed) (All ages)

Bread cats, donut dogs, cinnabuns and puns galore! A fun webcomic about Cat Loaf and her friends. Lovable characters, wholesome side stories, and comedic moments: it truly is a heartwarming reading experience.

My Cat and My Old Dog by cho
My Cat and My Old Dog by cho

My Kitty and Old Dog by cho (Completed) (All ages) (The creator’s site is not available)

Grab a box or pack of tissues for this one. Short but moving episodes about caring for a pet. The creator based this webcomic on her real-life cat (Soondae) and dog (Nang-Nak), the latter of whom passed away in 2013. It’s a webcomic full of heart and gratitude for the pets in our lives.

Litterbox Comics by litterbox comics
litter comics

Litterbox Comics by litter comics

What it’s like to be a parent through the eyes of anthropomorphic cats (and other animals). The episodes also contain family issues, joys, and memes.

Daisy the cat and the six petals
Daisy the cat and the six petals by Daisy la vie de chat

Daisy the Cat and Six Little Petals by Daisy the cat life (All ages) (The creator’s website is not available)

Join stray cat Daisy and her kittens as they hang out with their animal friends and learn life lessons. A wholesome and cute episodic webcomic.

GaMERCaT by Samantha Whitten
GaMERCaT by Samantha Whitten

The GaMERcat by Samantha Whitten

Video game references, memes and jokes… with cats. Games mentioned or parodied include Pokemon Go, Zelda, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and more. Also: social commentary on gender in games.

Magicat Tails by magicatchoo
Magicat Tails by magicatchoo

Tails of Magicat by magicatchoo (All ages)

This enchanting tale follows a kitten, her grandmother (grandmao) and her friends as they embark on adventures and protect their forest. The webcomic includes fun recipes like ice cream and salad dressings. The second season, titled Magicat Trialsis out now. Magicat Tails is also available in print.

sausage cat by sausage cat
Sausage Cat

Sausage cat by sausage cat

An episodic comic about, well, sausage cats. These short episodes are cute and hilarious. Check it out for a good laugh or two.

Van Bueno Catastrophe
Van Bueno Catastrophe

CATastrofe: A Cat Story by Van Bueno (All Ages)

Yet another slice of life, episodic webcomic about life with a cat. Corn! As always, these comics are worth your while. This one is no exception.

cat mug
cat mug

Cat Cup by Cat Cup (All Ages)

For me, the sight of a kitten in a cup calls for a smile and an “aww” from me. Reading cat mug does exactly that and more. Know the ups and downs of having a cat or kitten at home with this cute webcomic.

Do you have a favorite cat-themed webcomic that isn’t listed here? Please feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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