Devil’s Candy (Vol 1)

devil candy Volume 1 covers Chapters 1-3 of Bikkuri and Rem’s supernatural comedy webcomic. Frankenstein-esque creations and supernatural misadventures abound in this imaginative universe.

I received a free ARC from Devil’s Candy (Vol.1) from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

Kazu proudly proclaims that his latest science experiment is a success. He created a humanoid named Pandora, a being of superhuman strength and agility. To impress his teachers and peers at Hemlock Heart Academy, Kazu brings him to biology class. His destructive abilities, however, cause more trouble than Kazu could handle. He honestly created her for companionship (her famous parents are absent and emotionally unavailable). Chaos, monstrous creations wreaking havoc and mad scientists defying the laws of nature follow. Pandora, in the midst of it all, realizes that it takes more than good grades and perfect attendance to do well in school.

Devil's Candy (screenshot from webcomic site)
Image from webcomic

devil candy features a distinctive cast of characters, fast-paced action sequences, and gripping monster fight scenes. Students and teachers are categorized by demon types like imps, cyclops, and demons. If you watched and enjoyed The Nightmare Before Christmas and or soul eateryou will probably enjoy devil candy. There are familiar elements of both, such as the setting and the characters, but Devil’s Candy offers an entertaining experience that combines high school life, horror, and comedy.

The webcomic offers imaginative moments and comedic character dynamics for its target audience. Its medium manga art style is appealing and Pandora’s character development is one to watch. However, there are also sexual innuendos and jokes here and there, so this webcomic isn’t for everyone.

Devil's Candy (screenshot from webcomic site)
Image from webcomic

devil candy is written by Bikkuri (Clint Bickham) and illustrated by Rem (Priscilla Hamby). Volume 1 is available from VIZ Media.

You can also purchase a copy from Hivemill. The current webcomic can be read online.

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