10 Classic Webcomics With Incredible Vacation Stories

Webcomics are one of the best and most affordable ways to enjoy comics. Considering how expensive comics can be and how expensive giving holiday gifts can be, it’s worth checking out some classic webcomics for some free entertainment.

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There’s no shortage of genres in the wonderful world of webcomics, from comedy to drama and horror to fantasy. However, since so many comics are suitable for the holiday season, now seems like the perfect time to shine a light on these iconic webcomics that have taken the time to celebrate. Here are 10 classic webcomics that are packed with fun holiday stories.

ten The least I can do

The least I can do.

The main character of The least I can do, Rayne Summers, is a charismatic womanizer and childishly impulsive young man who engages in various hijinks, harassing his friends, picking up women, and generally causing mischief wherever he can. Over the years, he’s evolved with the times, and while it’s a stretch to claim he’s “grown up,” Rayne is at least more respectful of boundaries and ethics.

Christmas and New Year comics are quite common. One of the classic ongoing stories involving his interest in a woman from a traditional family culminated in the two finally meeting after a New Years party. Interestingly, Valentine’s Day is actually the most big party celebrated by this book, where fans can send in applications to appear on a date with one of the characters.

9 something positive

This hilarious and transgressive comic by Randy Milholland debuted on December 19, 2001, and it’s still going strong. The characters started out as a bunch of nerdy goth-leaning 20-somethings living in Boston, getting wise and trying to get through their daily lives.

The quirky humor and references to various subcultures made it one of the best comics of the early 2000s. a tradition that is repeated every winter. As one of the characters, Kim, is Wiccan, there are also at least two stories dealing with her worship of pagan holidays.

8 The devil’s panties

This is one of many great comics by artist Jennie Breedan and is, in fact, her autobiography told in comic book form. This awesome nerdy creator has plenty of real-life adventures that range from drunken shenanigans to using leaf blowers to lift kilts at Dragon Con, all detailed in The devil’s panties (which, despite its name, is rated “PG-13”).

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As this is based on Jenny’s real life, some comics feature reunions with the family for special occasions or her general shock at how people behave on different holidays.

7 The zombie nation

zombie nation

The zombie nation is about zombies who are less than ambitious about their role in the zombie apocalypse. The series finds humor and absurdity in the horror genre, dealing with everything from whiny undead corpses to the personal lives of the Old Ones.

A few of the comics are also based on the life of the author, Carter Reid. In 2012, he made several comics about prophets of doom predicting that the end of the world would begin with the New Year. Yet he also had a Kwanzaa comic inspired by his daughter’s interest in learning more about her own African heritage.


SMBC.  Saturday morning breakfast cereal

Saturday morning breakfast cereal (Where SMBCfor short) is a comic created by the prolific Zack Weinersmith (who also has several other comics and books to his name as well as a podcast and the web series SMBC Theater). The comic is published seven days a week, and each new comic is a completely standalone story (although there are recurring characters). A single comic can range from one panel to twenty.

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Many stories over the year have dealt with Christmas and Hanukkah, always in a comedic way. Some are fun, nuanced takes on lore, while others are a little more absurd.

5 Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Ctrl+Alt+Delete comic.  Wintereenmas.  Winter-een-mas.  Ethan.

This Tim Buckley comic about a gamer couple who live together in an apartment has evolved a lot over the years. The protagonist, Ethan, is a lazy misanthropic video game addict. However, over time, he becomes more ambitious, responsible, wise, and compassionate.

Ethan even invents his own holiday for the game: Winter-een-mas. This January party lasts a few weeks and is dedicated to the pure pleasures of playing video games. There are even different patron saints in the game representing the different genders. Year after year, Ethan spreads the Winter-een-mas holiday spirit, reaching more and more people. It’s also worth noting that the comic deals with the wider Christmas season.

4 sexy losers

sexy losers

This comic follows several different characters through their love lives. The humor is raunchy and enters into serious taboos, so this series isn’t for everyone, but it does have a huge cult following.

Occasionally, the comic takes an extended break and then returns. That said, some of the funniest comics tie into holiday stories, usually combining multiple characters or plots into a short vignette.

3 Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade

One of the oldest and most popular webcomics, Penny Arcade was created by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins and debuted on November 18, 1998. Its primary focus is video games and gamer culture, but it also has recurring characters such as Santa Claus, Jesus, and various characters from video games.

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There have been several Penny Arcade Christmas messages on the very long term of comics. Some of these stories include the two parts “The Ungift” and “On the Worst Day of Christmas”.

2 Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness.

Certainly, Cyanide and Happiness has no traditional “story” structure beyond the gag or the occasional repeating character, as it’s usually just a series of stick figures that set up a single joke for the comic of that day. The series has four creators: Rob DenBleyker, Dave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson and Matt Melvin (the last of whom stepped down in 2014).

That said, every year there are comics especially for the holiday season. There is also a series of Cyanide and Happiness animated shorts that include the skit “It’s a Sad Christmas, Larry”, a hilarious tragicomedy about a man named Larry having a particularly awful Christmas morning. Some of the comic book merchandise includes Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa cards for the people in your life with an irreverently twisted sense of humor.

1 Scandinavia and the world

Scandinavia and the world

To those who don’t know Scandinavia and the world, Did you miss something. This delightful comic about the cultures of the various Scandinavian countries personifies each nation as a character.

SATW has many creators but the vast majority of the comics (over 600) were written and drawn by the artist known as Humon, including all of the Christmas comics. Some of these stories include the different countries arguing over which country Santa Claus lives in and the controversial subject of how Scandinavian Christmas traditions still include older pagan religious elements.

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