10 favorite fashion and beauty webcomics

The world of fashion and beauty is an amazing world, filled with other people’s creativity and magical transformations. However, it can also be daunting, with the public scrutiny and animosity necessary to succeed in this world. It doesn’t change how breathtaking it is how bits of fabric and a little makeup can not only transform someone, but also give them the confidence to shine a little brighter.

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Some webcomics have fashion and beauty elements, but the focus is on feeling beautiful, whether it’s with makeup and the latest trends or just self-care.

ten High School Beauty Guru (True Beauty)

true beauty features high school student Jugyeong, who is a makeup master after watching various tutorials on the Internet. Although his appearance is laughed at, Jugyeong is able to transform overnight. Thrown into the world of cosmetics, beauty, and popularity, Jugyoung completely reinvents herself when applying makeup. Every new look is a mask hiding parts of her true self. When Suho, the popular new boy in the class, sees her without makeup and recognizes Jugyeong, she will do whatever she can to make sure he keeps her secret.

9 Makeup artist and model (the makeup remover)

After spending most of his life focusing on his studies, Make-up removers Yesuel doesn’t know where to start with makeup. When she meets makeup artist Yuseong, who has transformative makeup abilities, her life is turned upside down.

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Able to transform plain Jane Yeseul into stunning beauty with minimal effort, Yuseong asks Yesuel to be his model for the Face Off Cinderella competition. Yeseul agrees to help her. However, with each challenge and jaw-dropping new look for the competition, Yeseul begins to question the role of makeup and appearance within society.

8 Avant-garde fashion (Empress Cesia wears culottes)

Empress Cesia wears Manhwa knickerbockers

Empress Cesia wears knickerbockers features Yuri, an aspiring costume designer who is reincarnated in a world where all clothing is stuck in ancient times. She becomes determined to revolutionize fashion even if it means pretending to be a boy. So when given the opportunity to make a dress for the Empress, Yuri produces the finest clothes she can manage. Now a guest of the palace, Yuri finds herself in a political world. All the while, she does her best to change uncomfortable and constricting clothes into comfortable ones.

7 The world of cosplay (My Dress-Up Darling)

my darling dress

My darling dressing features the popular Marin Kitigawa, who meets the reserved Wakana Gojo using a sewing machine at school and immediately enlists his help in cosplaying. Initially suspicious of the girl, Gojo finds himself helping her once he sees that she completely lacks the skills to sew on her own. Now immersed in a world of manga and anime, Gojo will use the skills he learned from his grandfather to help Marin become the characters she loves and the two will continue to grow closer as friends.

6 The beauty of self-care (sweat and soap)

The left image shows Kotaro Natori and Asako Yaeshima flirting;  the image on the right features Volume 1 of Sweat and Soap

sweat and soap features Asako Yaeshima, a shy woman with great insecurities about her sweat and body odor who has found solace in Lilia Drop, a brand of soap that gives her confidence every time she wears it. When Kotaro Natori, the company’s lead product developer, asks to smell it, she’s beyond overwhelmed.

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It turns out that Kotaro has a keen sense of smell and has fallen in love with Asako’s scent to the point that he wants to smell her every day at work in order to create a new product. Maybe their office date will turn into something more.

5 Fashion designer and his muse (Chihiro-Kun only has eyes for me)

Chihiro and Michi

Chihiro-Kun only has eyes for me features a high school freshman, Michi, who catches the eye of fellow student and fashion designer, Chihiro, and her world is turned upside down. After proclaiming Michi to be her muse, Chihiro devoted himself to her and producing clothes for Michi. Now her role model, Michi is the new role model for all of her designs and is thrown into the world of fashion and modeling. However, the longer she cooperates with Chihiro, the less confident she is to keep herself from falling in love with Chihiro and her kindness.

4 The wicked loves perfume (the tyrant’s only perfumer)

The tyrant's only perfumer

After reincarnating as a villainess in a novel she read in her past life, The tyrant’s only perfumer Ariel immediately breaks away from the male lead in order to avoid his bad end. However, as a genius perfumer who is the only one who can create the scent Cedric Evans needs, Ariel always finds herself entangled with the male lead. As Ariel opens her own boutique and produces the perfume she loves, trouble continues to find the villainess.

3 A Whole New Fashion World (Paradise Kiss)

George and Yukari Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss features high school student Yukari, who has dedicated herself to studying and making her parents proud, despite her dissatisfaction with her life. However, things change when she is kidnapped by a group of stylists who call themselves “Paradise Kiss” and ask her to be their model. At first suspicious, Yukari refuses, but she soon finds herself in the fashion world as a fledgling model.

2 The world of beauty and cosmetics (Beauty Bunny)

Iori and Kohane

After being called ugly by her high school’s popular hottie, beauty bunny Kohane Yuzuhara finds herself turning to the world of makeup not knowing where to start. Luckily, Iori Yashima’s family owns a cosmetics store and he’s a real makeup pro.

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With Iori’s help, Kohane is able to transform – now if only she can bear his massive ego. fans of beauty bunny wonders if Kohane and Iori will grow closer as he continues to teach her makeup or if Iori’s attitude will drive Kohane away from him and the world of cosmetics altogether.

1 All it takes is a little magic (Beauty Pop)

A talented but anonymous hairdresser who helps girls who need a little magic, Beauty Pop’s Kiri Koshoba finds himself at the end of “SP” or the wrath of Shougo Narumi from Scissors Project. When Kiri gives her friend a makeover in order to give her some confidence to confess to the boy she loves, Narumi takes this as a declaration of war. When Kiri wins the match, she finds herself a reluctant member of SP and embroiled in various shenanigans with the group. However, one thing will never change and that is Kiri’s ability to create a bit of magic for girls through her hairstyle.

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