10 of the best webcomics for newcomers

Webcomics/webtoons are amazing. Not only are they accessible and easy to read thanks to their vertical scrolling format, but IN COLOR. I’m a die-hard manga fan, but I prefer the experience of reading webtoons because I find them more practical and aesthetically pleasing.

A few years ago, when I discovered LINE WEBTOON, one of the most popular platforms for reading comics online, I was immediately hooked. The diverse content appealed to me and I quickly consumed dozens of webtoons at once. Here are ten of my favorites, organized by genre to be sure to find the right comic for you!


Unusual by uru-chan

John, an ordinary teenager, is a nobody in a high school where the social elite possesses supernatural powers. Plagued by his lack of ability, John struggles through his school life, doing his best not to attract attention…until the secrets of his past threaten to overthrow the rigid social order of school.

Of by Hyunseok Yun

Magic dice give people the power to control their own destiny. The results are catastrophic.

tower of god by SIU

A boy spends his life isolated under a tower, accompanied only by his friend Rachel. When she decides to escape her confined life and ascend the Tower, the boy desperately pursues her, discovering latent talents as he encounters obstacles along the way.

The premise seems a bit strange, but SIU really did a great job creating the Tower of God universe – it’s incredibly intricate and compelling. The plot is solid and the story as a whole is addictive (and believe me, the art is getting a LOT better).


let’s play by Leeanne “Mongie” Krecic

In this romantic comedy, a young indie game developer gets tricked when a popular streamer (who happens to be her new neighbor) gives her first game a terrible review.

This comic highlights the experiences of women working in STEM fields, as well as gaming culture and mental health. It’s funny, engaging and damn relatable.

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smith

A modern and wonderfully addictive retelling of the myth of the Abduction of Persephone. It has an incredible art style and a cast of familiar yet unique characters that will spark or rekindle your love for Greek mythology.

winter wood by Cosmos and Van Ji

Thousands of years ago, an alchemist tested the limits of mortality by creating an artificial human named Winter. Now Winter, struggling to figure out what it means to live as a human, meets and falls in love with a young storyteller. Their relationship is hampered by their desires, ambitions and circumstances, but above all by the fragility of human life.

Cheese in the trap by Soon Kki

Seol, a diligent student, returns to her studies after a semester hiatus, but a strange encounter with a seemingly perfect senior citizen twists her simple life in directions she never expected.

Siren’s Lament by Kaitlyn Narvaza

Lyra leads an ordinary but fulfilling life until a strange incident throws her into the enigmatic world of mermaids. As she struggles to reconcile the contrasting parts of her identity, she learns that her past may not have been as straightforward as it seemed.

The art and background music of this webtoon is amazing! It has both the drama I crave in my love stories and a solid plot.


Bastard By Youngchan Hwang and Carnby Kim

High school student Jin Seon has had quite a tough life – he has artificial valves in his heart and pins in his joints from a serious childhood accident, and has also been raised by his father since his daughter’s death. mother. His father, charismatic CEO of a well-known company, is also a serial killer… and he made Jin his accomplice.

Trapped in a life he despises, Jin struggles to break free from his father’s control, but the stakes are high…especially when new knowledge and past secrets come into play.

sweet home By Youngchan Hwang and Carnby Kim

After moving into his new apartment, an isolated teenager wakes up to find the world is in an apocalypse. He struggles to survive, but more importantly, to find meaning in surviving in a world that has brought him nothing but unhappiness.