10 Romance Webcomics For Love-Obsessed Readers

Webcomics are gaining popularity due to their easy-to-read nature. Many webcomics are available on easy-to-use apps that work with just about any smartphone fan. With tons of platforms, authors, and new series, there’s something for everyone. Also, many webcomics are released weekly, instead of readers having to wait an entire month for the next chapter, like with some manga and comics.

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Romance readers are all the more delighted that there is no shortage of love series on the most popular sites. For fans looking to get into webcomics or looking for a new favorite, the list below is perfect, especially for fans looking for an interesting take on romance.

ten Lore Olympus: follows the love story between Persephone and Hades

Lore Olympus is based on Greek mythology and follows the story of Persephone and Hades. Persephone is a young goddess who just moved to the big city and ended up working as a trainee under hades.

In the end, the two have more rarity than the rest of Olympus originally, and the pair begin their long journey by falling in love with each other.

9 Siren’s Lament: A cursed girl becomes a mermaid in a love triangle

Lament of the sirens

Lyra was a girl who was completely happy with her life, but an unexpected curse changes her whole world. Lyra becomes a mermaid trying to escape her new curse so she can live a happy life again.

Things are further complicated as she now has the mermaid that changed her, with both Ian and his co-worker Shon refusing to give it to each other.

8 The Maid and the Vampire: A girl is reincarnated as a maid who works for a vampire

Boy and girl kissing

The maid and the vampire is an isekai series where a girl named Areum is reincarnated. Instead of being a hero, however, she now lives as a maid in a duke’s household after being rejected by her new world.

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Ultimately, however, the man she works for now is Millard Travis, a real vampire. The story follows the couple as Millard begins to care more and more about Areum after seeing her in difficult situations.

7 Down to earth: a normal human meets an alien

Down to earth webtoon

Down to earth is a comic book series that involves romance with an alien. Kade is a normal human who happens to be embroiled in the impromptu experience of a beautiful alien girl named Zaida, who happens to be psychic.

Kade chooses to take care of Zaida and help her learn more about Earth, but as one might have guessed, romance begins to blossom between the two.

6 True beauty: girl hides her bare face with makeup and finds love along the way

This is True Beauty's main love triangle

true beauty is a Korean series about a girl who finds herself incredibly in makeup tutorials. Jugyeong is a high school girl who uses makeup to hide how she really looks and is seen as the pretty girl in her school.

It turns out that Jugyeong was once bullied for his looks and is now trying to hide his real face because of it. The story follows her as she learns to live with herself and finds love along the way.

5 Villainess No More: Misunderstood and neglected girl has a chance with an Archduke

The villain is no more

The villain is no more is the story of a girl who has always been neglected in favor of her sister. Although she was portrayed as a villain, Elizabeth was simply misunderstood by those around her, which caused her great grief.

When she gets the chance to move north at the invitation of an Archduke, she jumps at the chance and leaves everything she knows behind.

4 Loving Your Enemy: A liar comes across a boy who knows too much about his secret past

love your enemy

love your enemy is a webcomic that begins with an interesting premise and an unpleasant main character. Yeonhee Bae is a liar who is determined to be a new person by fabricating her past life.

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Luckily, however, she meets a young man who knows a little too much about her past. This series follows the couple as Yeonhee attempts to hide her true identity from others.

3 The Forsaken Empress: An heir to the throne is reincarnated and must work not to be forgotten

Girl and boy walking together

Arista was a woman vying to be her country’s new queen, but it all comes crashing down when a new woman appears on the scene. Abandoned by her husband, Arista eventually dies and is reincarnated early in her life.

Arista must now work to not be forgotten by the one she loves, so that she can finally have a chance at a happy life.

2 Mage & Demon Queen: Follows an unlikely pair and their budding relationship

Webtoon mage and demon queen

mage and demon queen is a classic version of the story of the hero and the demon king. Velverosa is the demon queen that many heroes set out to defeat; humans distrust her due to her nature, causing tons of misunderstandings to form.

Malori is a girl who falls in love with Velverose, despite being an upper level hero who was sent to destroy her. The series follows the unlikely couple’s budding relationship.

1 Flirting with the villain’s father: A girl tries to prevent his death by dating the villain’s father

Flirting with the villain's father

Flirting with the villain’s father is a hilarious version of otome isekai. The main character Yerenike knows his destiny is to ultimately be killed by the villain of the story and hatches a plan to prevent it from happening.

She determines that she can prevent the series villain from being born by simply dating her father so she won’t be killed in the future.

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