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Food can play a central role in any story. Characters chasing their dreams of becoming a chef or a baker, or maybe food is just a way to connect the characters to each other. For fans who love discovering new recipes and cooking tips or just love reading stories about the power of food, there are some amazing webcomics out there.

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From manga and manhwas to webtoons, the following webcomics are all about food. The characters each share a passion for creating dishes or eating them. Food plays a heartwarming role in each of these webcomics, and each dish will be delicious for fans, too.

ten The ability to hear food as music (Sound Of Bread)

The sound of bread

When every bite of food feels like a piece of music, it can be a little disorienting to find something delicious. Kimmie, who has a rare form of synesthesia, is able to hear taste like music. For her, food can sound like a specific instrument. It can have its own tempo, and can even be flat or sharp.

With this ability, finding something truly delicious can be a challenge. So when she comes across a small bakery, with pastries that have the most beautiful music, she will do anything to try another bite.

9 When tea changes a whole kingdom (50 Duchess tea recipes)

Duchess 50 Manhwa Tea Recipes

When Park Hajeon suddenly awakens in Chloe’s body, the inadequate Duchess of Battenberg, unloved by her husband and ridiculed by the maids, finds refuge with her tea collection.

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A tea lover back when she lived in South Korea, Chloe will do whatever she can to share her love of tea in this new world. Her passion can even pave the way for new friendships and allow her to understand those around her, as well as alter the new world in which she lives.

8 The despised girl likes to cook (Lady Chef Royale)

Lady Royal Chief Manhwa

Sena was a Korean woman in her twenties who ran a restaurant. However, after an encounter with truck-kun, she wakes up in the body of Senianna, the despised daughter of the noble Franciff family. In order to survive and change his reputation, Sena will use his cooking skills to convince his brothers and his grandfather.

However, Sena finds herself connected to mysterious magic and the ruthless prince. In order to obtain the esteemed title of Royal Chef of the society, Sena will have to show the society his esteemed culinary skills and mouth-watering dishes.

7 The little princess will change the palate one dessert at a time (the evil princess dreams of a gingerbread house)

Evil Princess Dreams of Gingerbread Manhwa

All Asya wants to do is cook loads of sweets and delicious desserts. However, when she learns that she is a princess and is taken to the palace, things take an interesting turn. Hoping to survive and one day reunite with her parents and open her own candy store, Asya will do everything she can to not look menacing around the palace.

With the Spirit of Sensation at her side, Asya will be able to realize her dream, one pastry at a time.

6 In Search of the Taste of Home (Gourmet Hound)

Webtoon Gourmet Hound

With a keen sense of taste and smell, it’s easy for Lucy to identify the ingredients in the dishes she eats. So when she discovers her favorite restaurant has changed hands and her favorite dish no longer tastes the same, she goes on the hunt.

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After a happy accident leads Lucy to two former Chefs from Dimanche, Lucy is determined to find the other Chefs. Lucy hopes to finally find the chef of her favorite dish and rediscover the “perfect taste” she loves so much.

5 When a zombie is a complete food snob (boyfriend of the dead)

boyfriend of the dead

Alex is a human girl trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, and N is a zombie boy who wants to eat her. However, things don’t go as planned and N finds himself dating Alex instead of eating her. As the two try to survive the apocalypse together, they begin to learn more about each other.

Alex is ridiculously strong, and N is a great cook, who may or may not have been a professional chef when he was human. With these two, each day of the apocalypse is an interesting adventure filled with delicious food.

4 When food is magic (crumbs)

crumbs webtoon

In a magical world, where people ride broomsticks and have otherworldly gifts, there is a special bakery. A bakery filled with baked goods that will make your dreams come true. Whether a customer needs a boost of melancholy, gratitude, anticipation or even confidence, there’s a muffin, cake or scone waiting for them.

For the young clairvoyant Ray, she always orders the same hot tea with a romantic side. However, when she meets bakery worker Laurie, will she be able to fill up on the romance any other way?

3 Love, Friendship and Delicious Food (Kitchen Princess)


Najika Kazami is a thirteen-year-old girl with an excellent sense of taste who dreams of becoming a pastry chef. After being saved from drowning by a mysterious boy, Najika found herself enrolling in a prestigious school to search for him.

On her journey to find the boy who saved her, or her “Flan Prince”, Najika will face various tests of her cooking skills, as well as meeting new friends and rivals. A heartwarming story filled with friendship, delicious desserts and a bit of romance.

2 Family and the power of a home-cooked meal (sweet and light)

Struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy with his daughter after the death of his wife, Kōhei Inuzuka relied on cooked meals. But when the father and daughter duo meet high school student Kotori Iida, the quest for home-cooked meals begins.

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Kotori, while not quite an adequate cook, began teaching Kōhei delicious meals to prepare for her daughter. As the cooking lessons follow one another, the three of them get closer and truly begin to understand the joy of sharing a homemade meal.

1 Sushi, pastries, dreams and love (mixed vegetables)

Manga Mixed Vegetables

A student at Oiwaka High, Hanayu Ashitaba wants nothing more than to be a sushi chef. However, as the daughter of a talented pastry chef, her only hope of realizing her dream is to get married in the famous Hyuga sushi house. Enter Hayato Hyuga, the man Hanayu must marry to achieve his dream.

Unfortunately, it seems that he has a goal of his own, to become a pastry chef. Can these two achieve their culinary dreams without complications or will they find something more along the way?

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