10 Webcomics That Are Fairy Tales With A Twist

The classic story of a prince falling in love with a princess or the story of a witch preparing to eat the children who broke into her gingerbread house are just a few examples of classic fairy tales. . Stories with a traditional romance and happy ending may or may not be fan favorites. However, when these classic tales are told with a twist, they become a whole new story for fans to experience.

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Whether the story alters the final villain or adds a modern twist to a classic fairy tale, fans are sure to find a magical story to love with these webcomics that take the classic fairy tale and twist it into something completely new. .

ten The protagonist is Cinderella’s mother

Wicked Tale of Cinderella's stepmother manhwa

The traditional Cinderella tale focuses on the love story between the unfortunate servant girl and the crown prince. However, in A bad story Cinderella’s mother-in-law, the protagonist of the story is actually the wicked stepmother. This twist on the classic tale not only gives readers a new protagonist to follow, but also gives them a taste of the political drama that may not be seen in more traditional stories. A tale about a dreamlike romance is now the story of a mother trying to secure her daughters’ future in a world where happiness equals marriage.

9 Beauty in the land of beasts

sacrificial princess

manga, Sacrificial Princess and the Beast King may not be a straight retelling of the classic fairy tale, but it has similar qualities. However, instead of a curse and true love breaking magic spells, this story is about falling in love no matter what you look like or who you are.

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Saraphi was raised as a sacrifice and Leonhart is the king of beasts hiding a secret. Despite their differences in race and status, these two find each other. However, it’s not all love and roses for the two – they must overcome discrimination from across the beast realm to be together.

8 Who said Prince Charming had to be a man?

forever after webtoon

In the webtoon Forever after, the protagonist, Robin, has always dreamed of being a princess and finding her prince. However, his expectations are a bit too high. When she finds herself in a land of classic fairy tales, she immediately expects to be a princess. Instead, she’s Prince Charming and she has to make sure all the characters get a happy ending or she won’t get hers.

7 The witch did not want to eat the children

follow the breadcrumb webcomic

When she is reincarnated as a witch from the Grimm fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, Yielle will do whatever it takes to avoid her death. So instead of baking the kids and eating them over the course of the story, Yielle does her best to take care of them before they go their separate ways. However, Yielle’s actions completely change the story. Follow the breadcrumbs is an all-new take on Grimm’s fairy tale.

6 Snow White’s stepmother isn’t so mean

Manhwa, unsewn mother-in-law

When a children’s clothing designer suddenly awakens in the body of Snow White’s evil stepmother, she immediately begins to change history. The “evil” stepmom, Abigail, can’t help herself – she thinks, how can someone be so mean when her stepdaughter is so cute?

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As Abigail works hard to be a good stepmother to Blanche, she begins to completely change the classic fairy tale. But will she find her own happy ending with Blanche’s father? No sew naughty takes the classic fairy tale and turns it upside down.

5 A Modern Cinderella

Hinana and Kaede

When Hinana, a high school student, accidentally meets Kaede, a famous actor, she can’t help but imagine a fairytale romance. She is incredibly surprised when this comes true. However, in Kiss me at the stroke of midnight, happily ever after isn’t as easy as it looks. Just because she started a romance she only read in books doesn’t mean she doesn’t have to work hard to maintain it. Facing various challenges, Hinana and Kaede will have to work hard together if they want the end of their fairy tale to come true.

4 A herbalist and a prince

snow white with red hair is a retelling of the classic German fairy tale. However, in this story, Snow White (Shirayuki) does not eat the poisoned apple, but rather the prince (Zen) does. Also, the Poison Apple is only the beginning of their story – Shirayuki and Zen’s journey together will continue as they face political turmoil and other challenges. This fairy tale is a romance between two people who want to support each other in any way possible.

3 There are no bad stepsisters here

Don't call Javotte a bad stepsister

When Javotte wakes up after eating a poisoned apple, she realizes that despite inheriting her stepfather’s estate, no one in his house will take care of her. In order to marry a bachelor of the highest qualifications, Javotte will do everything possible to protect her sisters and her estate. When she meets the handsome and mysterious Melick, a true love story for the Lady of Winchester begins. The protagonist being Cinderella’s older half-sister, Don’t call Javotte a bad stepsister is an interesting adaptation of the original fairy tale.

2 The Princess and the Dragons

Yona of dawn

Although not an outright adaptation of a classic fairy tale, Yona of dawn has various qualities of the classic fairy tale. When Yona’s father is murdered and her castle is taken over by the man she once loved, she and her trusted protector, Hak, must flee the kingdom.

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However, Yona and Hak’s journey doesn’t end once they escape to safety. Instead of living their lives peacefully, Yona found herself embroiled in a mythical legend tied to her kingdom for generations. Tasked with finding the four dragon warriors, Yona and Hak begin a new journey to save their country.

1 Thousand Tales

Wrath and the Dawn Webtoon

An adaptation of the classic novel Arabian nights, the webtoon, Anger and Dawn brings the story of Sharizahd and its thousand tales back to life. The webtoon is based on the novel Anger and Dawn by Renée Ahdieh. Sharizahd is forced to marry Khalid, a cruel caliph who murdered all women before her. The man even executed his best friend – Sharizahd will do whatever it takes to survive long enough to get revenge.

However, with each passing night and story, Sharizahd learns that there is more to Khalid and the murders than meets the eye. Revenge may not be so easy, especially when she begins to fall in love with the monster she thought she married.

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