10 Webcomics To Read If You Love Bridgerton

For fans of the netflix To display Bridgerton who crave a new regency romance, they might find something to quench their hunger in the world of manga and webcomics. Fan-favorite storylines of fake engagements and slow-burn romances are just a few of the genres fans can find in the world of romance webcomics.

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There are several webcomics that contain love stories and plots Bridgerton fans will love it – especially when the comic transports them to the romantic setting of the Victorian era. Whether fans are looking for new frenemies for lovers or crave a period romance with more political guts, there’s something for every fan.

ten The Romantic Trick: The Reason Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion

For fans of Daphne and Simon’s love cunning, The reason Raeliana ended up at Duke’s Mansion is just their cup of tea. After waking up as a supporting character destined to be murdered by her fiancée, Raeliana seeks help from Duke Noah Wynknight. Using her knowledge of the story’s plot, Raeliana managed to seek safety as the Duke’s false bride. However, will they be able to continue the ruse or will their fake engagement turn into something a little more real?

9 Enemies to lovers: what it takes to be a villainess

For fans of the enemies-lovers trope, What it takes to be a villain is the perfect flavor of slow-burn romance and political intrigue. After recovering the memories of her past life, Satiana finds herself in a battle for the seat of Empress.

With the First Prince’s lover as a rival and the security of her family’s noble status at stake, Satiana will do whatever it takes to become Empress. Even if it means she will never win the prince’s heart. However, as Satiana continues to shine as a candidate for Empress, she may find that she shares more in common with the First Prince than she thought.

8 Slowburn Romance: Daisy: How to Become the Duke’s Bride

Daisy, once betrayed by the man she loved and now carrying her family’s debt after her father ran away, has sworn to renounce the men in their entirety. However, when the opportunity arises for Daisy to pay off her father’s gambling debt and care for her younger sister, she finds herself signing a contract to be the temporary wife of the terrifying aristocrat Killian. With the promise of finally being debt free and a quick divorce after three years, Daisy accepts. However, will she be able to trust Killian, or will her heart be kept forever?

seven Marriage of Convenience in Something More: For Better or Worse

In order to protect his sister from her fate as the tragic first wife of the male lead, Dillon took the role. Now in a marriage of convenience with Marquis Cedric, at least until he meets the female lead and her soul mate. Dillon must quickly adapt to society and become a lady worthy of her title. However, as Dillon continues to find her place in high society, she also finds herself forming a friendship with her new husband. How will things go when the female lead arrives on the scene? Will Dillon really be able to come back in the background and will Cedric want him?

6 Romance and political unrest: the villain reverses the scenario

After waking up as the cruel aunt of the future male lead in her favorite tragic novel, Judith will do whatever she can to keep Luca safe. Now caught up in the plot of the original story, Judith finds herself traveling with Luca and his uncle Ruedigar to Winterwald, so that Luca can inherit the title of Duke.

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As Judith adjusts to high society and protects Luca from the machinations of greedy parents, she may realize that the original revenge plot of her favorite story may well have changed genres.

5 When Love Comes After Marriage: The Duchess of Rosia – A Contract Marriage? How did it happen!?

As the daughter of poor nobles, when Viola is offered marriage to the eligible Duke Cersis, it’s hard to say no. However, Viola does not expect a marriage with a loving husband but rather a comfortable life since their marriage is a ruse. As Viola adjusts to life as the Duchess of Rosia, the Duchy has slowly become livelier, happier, and warmer, and everyone has started to take notice. Even the Duke realizes that Viola means more to him than he initially thought. However, as he attempts to woo his contractual fiancée, he may realize that his biggest obstacle is Viola herself. Will these two get their happily ever after?

4 The Perfect Gentleman and the Wild Child: Miss Abbott and the Doctor

For fans who enjoy watching strong, independent and eccentric women, they will immediately fall in love with Miss Abbott. A new resident of a quaint Victorian village, Miss Abbott turns Doctor Marinos’ world upside down. Unconcerned in the world about meeting societal expectations, Miss Abbott is an intriguing and infuriating nuisance in Doctor Marinos’ life. As a man who has done nothing but devote his life to being an exemplary gentleman who should marry an equally suitable woman, why can’t he seem to get the daring Miss Abbott out of his head ?

3 When a political marriage turns into a love match: Bring on the love

With her younger brother missing and her family’s noble title in jeopardy, Leah Hildebrandt will have to engage in a political marriage if she is to protect her family. However, few candidates aren’t intimidated by Leah’s military prowess or see her as someone capable of being the head of her family. At least until Roxant Kroemer comes on the scene. With no desire to become the head of a family, Roxant seems like the perfect match, save for his terrifying reputation. However, as the two become engaged, they discover that this marriage could end up being more than political.

2 The woman who defies society and the man who stays by her side: achievements of the Duke’s daughter

Exiled from high society after her fiancée calls off their engagement, Iris finds herself in control of her family’s stronghold. With her closest allies by her side, Iris rises to the challenge of instilling positive change and progress in those under her protection. As Iris continues to improve the daily lives of her citizens and start her own successful business, she begins to attract new allies and enemies.

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Now Iris finds herself falling in love with her mysterious worker Dean and in the midst of a succession crisis over the thrown. Achievements of the Duke’s Daughter is a great read for fans who want to see a strong, intelligent woman challenge and change society.

1 When Strong Men Fall In Love With Strong Women: Long After The End

Rejecting her villainess title after the main story ends, Elena finds herself giving courtesy advice to every eligible bachelor in town and making a living from it. Now she’s found herself tasked with making the second male lead, Hugh, a marriageable bachelor – a challenge indeed as he’s become a brawny head with no manners after being heartbroken. Luckily, Elena isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. Fans who enjoyed the banter between Kate and Antony will definitely appreciate these two.

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