Pune, India, Aug. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world webcomics market The size is expected to gain momentum reaching $11.12 billion by 2028 while growing at a CAGR of 6.1% between 2021 and 2028. In its report titled “Webcomic Market, 2021-2028“, Fortune Business Insights mentions that the market wasRead More →

Saturday morning breakfast cereal– Zach Weinersmith ampersand – Barry Deutsch Schematic – Michael Yu Khartoun! – Khalid Albaih The context small life lines –Nick Birch The other end – Neil Kohney Socks and puppets – David Birch Little moments – Wallet Steve Dreams…–SO Buy the new book Little Moments it’sRead More →

It happened. DC and Webtoon today announced a partnership that will see the companies collaborate on several upcoming webcomic series set in the DC Universe. No creative team has been announced, although very reasonably it looks like the DC characters will be adapted by webtoon creators, and it won’t beRead More →

DC is teaming up with Webtoons to create all-new standalone webcomics for all readers, featuring many characters from across the DC Universe. A new partnership between DC and webtoon will see characters from the DC Universe star in the upcoming webcomic series. The DC/Webtoon collaboration is intended to introduce stand-aloneRead More →

After more than two decades, a comic produced by artist DeLand will end early next year. Mr Fitz, which tells the universe of a high school teacher, has been written and drawn since 2000 by David Finkle, who is largely inspired by his own career as a teacher for comics.Read More →

Image created with Canva. In addition to short comics, I also read slice-of-life webcomics. The 18 webcomics below range from transgender identities to teen activism and awareness. Here, you’ll find stories exploring queer experiences, everyday reflections, and heteronormative and gendered assumptions. Following on from my last installment of webcomic recommendations,Read More →