Seven Seas has announced the print editions of two Korean webtoons and a webcomic, all three of which will be released as color paperbacks next year. Who made me a princess, from Plutus and Spoon, is an isekai fantasy story about a modern-day woman who is reincarnated as Princess AthanasiaRead More →

Home / Section: Awards Subject: Cartoonists © Patrick McDonnell Patrick McDonnel pass on a small thing inside: MUTTS might look a little different to you this week and in the future. If so, it’s because I relaxed my artistic style, using very few preliminary pencils (in some cases none)Read More →

Hello everyone ! Elias here, bringing you our first really explicit webcomic review. Well, the review isn’t explicit, but the “Familiar” comic is. Supernatural slice-of-life comic too. Does everything work? Read on, fellow webcomics travelers to find out! FamiliarChapter 00-02Calendar: Chapters – MonthlyBy sydneyReviewed by Michael Mazzzacane Just a warning,Read More →

As part of UNESCO’s work to harness emerging technologies for sustainable development, Inside AI: an algorithmic adventure helps young adults explore the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity. Nashilongo Gervasius Nakale (Namibia University of Science and Technology) interviewed Katie Evans, PhD in Philosophy and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and authorRead More →