40 LGBT Webcomics You Should Know and Love

We’ve talked about indie comics and what they do for the LGBTA fan community… but what’s more indie than webcomics? Often the product of a single artist, webcomics offer a unique opportunity to showcase the queer community in all its glory.

With hundreds of possible comics, this list barely scratches the surface – but in honor of wrapping up Pride Month 2017, here we present 40 webcomics that are making the LGBTA community proud!

agents of the kingdom

Created by Mildred Louis

A coming-of-age story with magic, gems and swords, agents of the kingdom features five women who become super-powered sword fighters, all while trying to make it to class on time at college!

Always human

Created by Ari (aka Walking North)
Always human on WebToons.com

A story of nanobots, genetic engineering and two girls falling in love and determined to always be human.

You can find a printed copy here: Amazon, Bookshop.org

As the crow flies

Created by Melanie Gillman

Charlie is a 13-year-old queer girl who gets stuck in an all-white Christian youth backpacking camp. uh.

You can find a printed copy here: Amazon, Bookshop.org


Created by GHST

Louis is an eleventh grader struggling with his sexuality when he meets Daniel, and it turns his life as a geek upside down.

Band Vs. Band

Created by Kathleen Jacques

Honey Hart directs The Candy Hearts and Turpentine directs The Sourballs. This is the story of their rivalry… and their attraction.

Bi Ass

Directed by Olivia Dinnall
Bi Ass on WebToons.com

When you are a biracial and bisexual person growing up, you realize that the two have more in common than you might think….

Breath of life

Created by Vaziah
Breath of life on Tapas.io

Surprises are around every corner when Kenya gets a new roommate – really cute.

Weather in Cardiff

Created by Amy T. Falcone

Autobiographical webcomic, including a series on explaining being queer to one’s younger self.

Casey at the bat

Created by Bob Glasscock

A lighthearted look at life, life, and sports through the eyes of Casey Wilkes, a young gay man in his 20s, living in New York City.

Please check!

Created by Ngozi Ukazu

Eric Bittle is in college, gay and an ice hockey player, having a crush on Jack, the team captain!

You can find a printed copy here: Amazon, Bookshop.org

crossed wires

By Iris Jay

Two cyberpunk hackers from a post-80s techno future team up to track down a mysterious conspiracy.


Created by Beth Behrs and Matt Doyle
bumps at webtoons.com

Matt Doyle shares, “It’s a great feeling to know that I can bring another perspective to the world of comics that hasn’t always been strongly represented. When I was a kid, I identified with comic books about aliens and anti-heroes that didn’t fit. It has always been my goal to create stories that give voice to the voiceless.


Created by Dong Saeng

A Spanish webcomic featuring gay, sex, friendship and dating (NSFW).

George and Johnny

Created by Savanna Ganucheau
George and Johnny on tapas.io

Two unlikely friends, George and Johnny, hang out and tell bad jokes, go to high school, have sleepovers – and romance.

Girls with slingshots

By Danielle Corset

The story of two women – Hazel, struggling with an English degree, and Jamie, her busty, fun-loving best friend.

You can find a printed copy here: Amazon, Bookshop.org

Farewell Halo

Created by Valerie Halla

A modern action-adventure fantasy story with a whole cast of weird characters, featuring a gay trans girl and her weird friends!

immortal nerd

Created by Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen
immortal nerd on WebToons.com

Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen shares: “When I was a teenager, I really wanted to see more people like me. I come from a very small village in the Finnish countryside and that’s why I didn’t see any other LGBTQ people. Being able to make comics with this representation empowers me. I know there are other people who live in communities where they don’t see LGBTQ people, but maybe they can feel better reading my comics about people like them!And even better, comics made by people like them!

Kate or die!

Created by Kate Leth

A cartoon of Patsy Walker aka Hellcat writer Kate Leth to talk about funny things like feminism, bisexuality, being young and terrible comedy stuff.

Kyle’s Bed and Breakfast

Created by Greg Fox

Long-running cartoon about a gay, Canadian, B&B owner and his series of generally hot guests!

You can find a printed copy here: Amazon.com

Circuits of love

Created by Taneka Stotts and Genue Revuelta
Love Circuits.fr

Yvonne receives a most unexpected birthday surprise – Lucos, a refurbished Heartbreaker android, a fact that neither Yvonne’s service dog nor her ex are happy about.

Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls

Created by Jessica U

A daring satire on the ups and downs of living as a trans person, with takes on transphobia, cissexism, parents and video games.


Created by Chad Sell

A weird and weirdly sexy story of Mantaman and his son – who can turn into a manta ray.

A matter of life or death

Created by the crying cat
A matter of life or death on tapas.io

Deathwork isn’t exactly his favorite, but it’s not like he can change it. It doesn’t help that he’s attracted to his opposite who seems to hate his very existence.

Meat & Bones

Directed by Kat Verhoeven

Anne suffers from an unknown eating disorder and crippling body issues, Gwen walks the fine line between polyamory and lying, and Jane drowns her sorrows with pounds and pounds of free weights.

You can find a printed copy here: Amazon, Bookshop.org

Meriel’s Law

Created by Kath Kirkegaard

A witch has been suffering from bad luck for a while. Enter the book and magazine saleswoman who promises to improve his life immeasurably by selling him, well, really anything.

Muddler beat

Created by Tony Race

A slice-of-life comic that follows a group of friends as they date, find love, and have wacky relationship drama.

O human star

Created by Blue Delliquanti

Alastair Sterling is the inventor who started the robot revolution. And because of his sudden death, he saw nothing of it.
That is, until he wakes up 16 years later in a robot body that exactly matches his old one.

You can find a printed copy here: Amazon

On a ray of sunshine

Created by Tillie Walden

Mia was assigned to a spaceship and tasked with rebuilding ancient structures in space.

You can find a printed copy here: Amazon, Bookshop.org

The Order of the Belfry

Created by Barbara Perez and MJ Baros

Female knights and girls love comics, the story follows the development of the war between two kingdoms through the eyes of an all-female order of knights.

Stories on the port side

Created by Valerie Halla

Alexandra, who came out as a trans woman four years ago, helps guide Nat as she decides whether or not she is also a trans woman.

power ballad

Created by Molly Brooks
power ballad on WebToons.com

Molly Brooks shares, “As a lesbian who makes comics, I don’t necessarily want to tell queer stories (i.e. stories about homosexuality), but I want the stories I tell to normalize the presence and experience of homosexual people. There’s no reason a space opera or silly action adventure can’t center a weird character, they just tend not to. I’ve always loved science fiction and superheroes, and the stuff I read and watched as a kid taught me that homosexuality in the media should be sought out deliberately. It was so rare for homosexuality to be acknowledged in anything that wasn’t clearly labeled “GAY!!!” that I felt an intense thrill of gratitude every time it happened. For this reason, my favorite queer characters have always been the ones I stumbled upon, whose sexuality was incidental to the drama or just mentioned in passing, rather than used as a plot point or a plot twist, because I wanted homosexuality not to be a big problem. business, just something normal whose existence was recognized in the world I was shown.


Created by Christine Smith

Sarah’s father buys her a dress and from there it’s diversions and drama as her mother doesn’t quite understand why her son wants to be a girl.

princess princess

Created by Katie O’Neill

Amira and Sadie are two very different princesses who decide to take control of their happiness forever.

You can find a printed copy here: Amazon, Bookshop.org

Random Acts of Katness

Created by Canon Yuri
Random Acts of Katness on tapas.io

The life of Kat, an extremely gay, disabled artist/writer, and the unusual world Kat lives in as they try to come to terms with mental and physical illness, gender identity, and life in general.

Rooster tails

Created by Sam Orchard
Cock TailsComic.com

Stories illustrating life during and after transition for a New Zealand trans man.

The sea in you

Created by Jessi Sheron
The sea in you on tapas.io

Corinth, a young bi woman, was just trying to clean up the beach. She didn’t expect to meet a mermaid and become friends.

You can find a printed copy here: Amazon

This is not fiction

Created by Nicole

Julian Drees has his first love with the hugely popular, dreamy, wonderful, yet completely anonymous novelist, Sydney Morgan. The mission? Identify Sydney Morgan.

Trans girl next door

Created by Kylie Wu

Hilarious depiction of the daily struggles and awkward moments in a trans girl’s life before, during and after transitioning.

Up and out

Created by Julia Kaye

Autobiographical comic that often focuses on gender dysphoria, transitioning, and all the feelings and fears behind the process.


Created by Carlisle Robinson
what on tapas.io

Short, fast-paced comics about the author’s life as a deaf trans male genderqueer person.

This is just the beginning of what exists in LGBTA webcomics! Continue to our SECOND series of 40 queer webcomics – with more asexual and non-binary portrayal – here.

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