5 Romantic Webcomics to Warm You Up This Winter

The spooky season has passed and now it’s time to settle in for winter. Temperatures will drop and we have the perfect way to keep you warm. Manta Comics is known for its plethora of romance novels that are the perfect remedy for a cold day. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have a good story, your favorite drink and a warm blanket.

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Under the Oak

Our first series, and the one that introduced us to Manta Comics, is Under the Oak. The story follows Lady Maximilian who is forced to marry Sir Riftan before he goes on campaign. When he returns triumphantly three years later, she believes their marriage is over, but he has other ideas. It’s sweet, steamy, and perfect for warming you up.

Under the Oak read here!

Half contaminated

Our second series is Half contaminated. Seolha’s mother goes so far as to disfigure her face to deprive the emperor of his prize for the most beautiful concubine in the world. Now she is forced to face a life of abuse. Now she must put her life in the hands of Muon, the Emperor’s twin brother. But is he really someone she can trust?

Half contaminated read here!

The Contaminated Half – Manta Comics

Disobey the Duke if you dare

Manta Comics Disobey the Duke if you dare is a fan favorite among webcomic readers. After the death of Lily’s second husband, she expects to finally have her life to herself. But her father has other plans and marries Lily to a man who is said to be a monstrous warmonger. There’s only one catch with the Duke – she can never look at his face. This one is super folx; prepare to pass out.

Disobey the Duke if you dare read here!

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In search of the camellia

Some steamy romance webcomics are filmed to the brim with mystery. That’s why we love In search of the camellia. When 12-year-old Camellia is taken from her mother in the slums, she never expected to be forced to live as the son of an aristocratic family. Over the years, she struggles through layers of secrets and lies and strives to reclaim her life.

In search of the camellia read here!

Camellia running away in the dark.

Finding Camellia – Manta Comics

animal princess

Our latest series of steamy webcomics from Manta Comics is animal princess. The story follows Elise, who is forced to live in isolation. To not feel alone, she uses her ability to communicate with animals. One day, she is sent to marry the ruler of the Land of the Barbarians, where adventures, dangers and much more await her.

animal princess read here!

Regardless of what you choose to dive into, Manta Comics is a great place to find your next read. They have everything from legendary love stories to unrequited love to falling in love with royalty. So which series are you going to start first? Let us know in the comments below and on social media!

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