A Light Show Inspired by the Peanuts Comic Brings Christmas Cheer

A JOHNSTONE couple used a much-loved comic book as inspiration for their latest display of festive lights.

Jamie-Max Caldwell and Paige Morris decorated the facade of their Hagg Crescent home with wooden cutouts of characters from the Peanuts stories created by American cartoonist Charles M. Schulz.

The stunning centerpiece shows Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang having fun together.

Jamie-Max, who is also a designer, said the good-natured display was chosen to contrast with the theme of their previous Christmas decor.

He told The Gazette: “Last year we went with a Grinch display because it seemed to match everything.

“We chose to go with Snoopy this year because we thought it would represent a bit more hope.

“I’m a fan of all comics and cartoons – and Schulz is a huge inspiration. There’s a hidden meaning in the Snoopy comics that resonated with us and that’s why we wanted to do this .

Jamie-Max, who is currently working on a historical graphic novel about the witches of Paisley, said the festive set took 19 days to complete from start to finish.

The 33-year-old added: “I’m absolutely thrilled with the end result.

“Some people took selfies next to the screen and it seems like it’s older people who really resonate with Snoopy, so it was nice to see them buzzing about it.

The Gazette:

“What we are going to do next year is now the big question. My niece Honor is a big fan of the Frozen movies, so maybe that’s the theme.

Alongside the main characters are various drawings of Woodstock – the bird who is Snoopy’s best friend in the comics.

Jamie-Max said: “As part of a raffle, we gave away the Woodstocks tied to our hedge to people who share our Christmas display on social media.

“It means people have the opportunity to win a handmade Woodstock for themselves.”

To participate in the Christmas contest, go to www.facebook.com/jamiemaxcartoon.