A man sends a comic to his neighbor complaining about a barking dog

Many users praised the man’s creativity and complimented his designs.

A man found an innovative way to complain to his neighbors about allowing their dog to bark at all hours of the day and night. The complaint was posted as a comic-book-style letter by the annoyed man and widely shared on social media platform Reddit. The drawing shows a dog peeing, pooping and playing outside and his owner letting him into the house. Posted a week ago, the photo received more than 25,000 upvotes on the platform.

In the hand-drawn cartoon letter, the man warned the neighbor that he might call the cops. The letter also includes an excerpt from a law relating to dogs, which states that owners can be fined for such behavior.

Also, all of the photos in the comic were green-checked except for the one that shows a dog barking outside. It was marked with a red cross.

The post that contains the image on Reddit was captioned: “A letter my neighbor left in his other neighbor’s mailbox because of his dog barking issues.”

Many users praised the man’s creativity and complimented his designs, while sharing their stories of a nagging neighbor dog.

“I would accept complaints in the form of a mature adult conversation or a high quality childlike passive-aggressive cartoon. No middle ground,” one user commented.

“What a weird combination of ‘light pencil drawing with doggo talk’ and ‘actual threats to call the cops,'” another said.

Last month, a man attacked three people with an iron bar in a Delhi locality after his neighbour’s dog barked at him and allegedly also bit him.

The man also punched the dog and injured it, police said. The entire incident was captured by a CCTV camera installed in the area.

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