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Quick Info on: The Best Webcomics

Webcomics are the natural progression of webcomics in digital form. They are incredibly famous and are uploaded by many of the top artists around the world. Few of them have been active for twenty years, but new ones are being added all the time. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite web comics with examples of the potential hilarity for you to enjoy.

Here is the list of the best webcomics

Owl Turd Comix

Shenanigansen, or Shen, is the mastermind behind Owl Turd Comix, which debuted in 2013. The subject matter varies a bit in these comics, covering a wide variety of topics such as fandoms, life as a millennial, identity and the inspiration of life. Shen publishes comics on its main website, and many are also available online elsewhere.

The cartoons, drawn in Photoshop, are simple yet expressive and include people and animals as characters. With plenty of metaphorical similes and elements that come to life to prove a point. This is perhaps one of the few comics that everyone can relate to.

down to earth

This comic is incredibly funny with many wholesome moments that will make any reader laugh. It follows a man named Kade, who has struggled to find his way back to life after a series of bad relationships.

But his life changes completely when he discovers a crashed spaceship in his backyard, containing an alien girl named Zaia. The story follows the shenanigans the two pull off, and it’s a heartwarming, yet still comical, sci-fi strip of life.

true beauty

Completely gilded, this strip combines great artistry with romance and social commentary on South Korea’s beauty standards. In this comic, audiences follow the main character, Lim Jugyeong, and learn how she defies beauty standards with her love of makeup.

The story follows her as she grows up after high school and how she pursues a career in cosmetology. All of this while she’s caught in a love triangle with two very different guys, who care about her equally, but in different ways.

no matter the balls

This interactive Microsoft production won’t win any awards for storytelling: it’s a daily story about a gunfight in the Wild West. But when you see him move, you understand why he earned a spot on this list.

Take advantage of HTML5’s parallax scrolling capabilities to deliver an extraordinarily kinetic experience: cigarette smoke billows lazily through the air, attackers weave behind characters, and bullet casings smack across the floor. Even better, everything can be customized to add extra dialogue that you can share with a friend. Now we have to see the same technology applied to a real comic book.

Artist loading by Gregor Czaykowski

Started in 2011, the author of Loading Artist describes his comic as taking on a lot of things, but it mostly revolves around an artist on a journey to riches and fame, which is sort of a goal because it is exactly the author.

Although mostly in the style of gag-a-day comics, there is a subtle plot. Comics that do not feature recurring characters are actually presented as comics created by the recurring protagonist. It’s a comic within a comic created by a fictional artist, drawn by a real artist.

fucking romance

This comic is perfect for fans who like a bit of the supernatural mixed in with romance. It starts with a girl named Zylith who has just moved into her cheap but too good to be true apartment. Turns out this apartment was cheap because it’s “haunted.” Before Zylith knows it, she falls in love with a K-pop idol named Zelan, who lives in a different version of the world than her.

The two share an apartment, but in different realities. Sometimes the pair can see each other, but never touch. It makes for a very convoluted yet entertaining love story, and a look at everything from the couple’s chemistry, to humor, to commentary on what it’s like to live with an emotionally abusive father. It all makes for a very layered story that is definitely worth spending a weekend on.

dark horde

In this world, monsters are real and very dangerous. Black Horde is action-packed, with well-choreographed fight scenes and incredibly detailed art, making it impossible not to get caught up in it.

The monster hunters in this comic are organized into groups or “hordes”. The main horde in this story is known as the Black Horde, considered the worst horde. This is of course where the main character, Seth, finds himself after the death of his parents. Part of the fun of this comic is how he learns to navigate this new world full of monsters and fantastic magical beings.


Zack Morrisson’s Paranatural is a bit more complicated than most of the other comics on this list. Running since 2011, it tells the story of a teenager named Maxwell who moves into a town infested with ghosts that only he can see. His solution is to join the Paranatural Activity Club.

The anime-style artwork is rich in color and detail, and the dialogue is smart and punchy. But it’s the character development that keeps you clicking from page to page. The good news is that there are already more than five chapters and new material is released twice a week. Be sure to start at the beginning.

below zero

Dragons, betrayal, and war are all part of the drama that happens in SubZero. The citizens of this story are divided into two clans: the one that follows the blue dragon and the one that follows the crimson dragon. The blue people are on the brink of extinction because the blue people and the crimson people have been at war for far too long.

All Princess Clove needs to do to save her people is enter into an arranged marriage with Prince Crimson. SubZero is about sacrifice, trust and what it really means to be loyal to someone. Readers find themselves dragged through the mud with all sorts of emotions in this tale of politics, action and romance.

toothpaste for dinner

Drew Fairweather launched Toothpaste For Dinner in 2002 and his wavy, simplistic line drawings contain plenty of surrealism, social commentary and schadenfreude. In fact, they proved compelling enough for a Slate Magazine reviewer in 2005 to write, “In terms of clicks, Toothpaste For Dinner is Rembrandt.

On the other hand, Fairweather also contributes to several other comics, including Married To The Sea, which he co-wrote with his wife. Oh, and he’s already recorded several albums as a German industrial hip-hop alien named Kompressor. Don’t miss their song ‘Vitamins Are Good’.

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