Best Webcomics to Buzz on Manta

Although it’s more of a niche reading experience than platforms such as Webtoons Where ComiXology, the webcomic reading app Mantis deserves as many readers’ eyes. Mainly taking Korean comics and adapting them for Western audiences, Mantis has a little something for every type of reader.

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Like most webcomic platforms, Mantis offers free webisodes for most of its content, but after the first 3-5 issues, they fall under a $3.99 monthly subscription. With so much content to choose from, it can be daunting to find the perfect comics to read. If you’re looking to binge on new webcomics, the following are a great place to start across all genres, including horror, fantasy, romance, and more.

ten Under the oak is a sweet romance

under the oak tree

Following the wife of a great knight who spent 3 years campaigning to kill a dragon, under the oak tree reads like a mix of Bridgerton and dusk set in a world of sword and sorcery. As the daughter of a despised duke, Maxi fears the return of her hero husband.

As rumors of their impending divorce swirl ever since the king offered him the princess’s hand, Riftan actually returns to pick up his wife and bring her home. The series focuses on their journey together as they try to figure out what they mean to each other.

9 Collide has an interesting take on superpowers


Set in a world of secret superpowers, Collide follows Joy – a self-proclaimed “mean girl” who eventually discovers her powers thanks to a protective kiss from Moowon during a super battle. She is accepted into STDU, which is a special school created to support a group of super-powered entrepreneurs known as the M Clan.

Joy is a level zero carrier – a person who attracts superpowered people to her in an unnatural way. Since she attracts people, she discovers that not everyone is as good as they seem on the outside.

8 NPCs can also save the world!

NPCs can save the world

After being hit by a car, a man is brought into a dating sim RPG he played on the Switch called Crimson Fate. The God of Probabilities brought him into the game as an avatar to play through the adventure, even putting him in the body of a didactic character.

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Choosing the name Lucian, he begins his quest by following his UI objectives and knowledge of the game. Easily befriending the game’s first characters, Gil and Jesse, the three set out to save the world.

seven The youth market is similar to the game Squid

youth market

For fans of squid game, there is a series called youth market who scratches the itch of the money death game. In a world where parents sell their children to the government at 29 if they are unemployed, Gipyo turns 29and birthday by rejecting a marriage proposal before being kidnapped by his government for the market.

The market takes 29-year-olds through challenges where the rich can bet on their lives or buy them out. The first challenge Gipyo faces ends with the heads of two of his compatriots exploding, proving just how dire his situation is.

6 Confessions is a tense adaptation


Based on the bestselling novel, which was also adapted into a bestselling film, this story follows Ms. Jang, a teacher whose daughter was killed during an incident with her students. Leaving to solve the crime, she kidnaps the students and begins to tell them the story of the students she suspected of being involved in her child’s death.

The story has been adapted several times, and for good reason. It keeps the tension going in a way that keeps the reader coming back for each chapter. In terms of frenzy, confession is a story readers won’t let go.

5 Till We Meet Again offers intense sensations

Till we Meet Again

After the true stories of the writer who worked in a retirement home, Till we Meet Again is a poignant and moving look at the stories of the elderly who reside at home. The main character is drawn to look like a animal crossing-man-dog who adds a bit of character to the stories.

This series focuses each episode on a different patient with different storylines, with the narrator and the nursing home being the only constants. With stories of old people trying to save their children from the embarrassment of caring for them, including people with dementia dealing with everyday life, this is sure to give any reader intense thrills.

4 Insta Girl sheds light on the risks of idolism

instagram girl

While meeting influencer Jinju and getting her nails done, modest marketer Gabi finds herself mimicking the behavior of influencers she follows, including spending money she doesn’t have. Instead of being herself, she becomes a whole new personality, even trading the potential love of her life for her idols.

As she works in the inner circle of Instagram stars, she realizes that life isn’t for everyone. Influencers have as many secrets and lies as Gabi.

3 My Uncle is a Superstar deals with the tribulations of stardom

My uncle is a superstar

Woojin receives what looks like a spam text which he initially ignores. When he realizes he has nothing to lose, he clicks on the link and is suddenly visited by a piece of Star Technology who helps him achieve his dream. However, his dream is to be a world famous singer.

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After enduring painful procedures, he is able to sing and perform as a top-notch artist and sets out to achieve fame, starting with a local school festival. He quickly goes viral and has to deal with the ins and outs of stardom.

2 The losing streak is about love, baseball and drama

The losing streak

When John discovers that his friend has dumped his sister, she decides to punish him by having him cheer for the worst minor league baseball team: Futures Victory. While supporting his new team, he meets Seunga, who is a baseball enthusiast and the daughter of the owner of John’s favorite team: Wannabe Ants.

The two end up on the kiss cam and share a passionate kiss. After that, the Future Victory wins their game and Seunga decides kissing John is good luck, which kicks off their intense relationship. There’s a lot of drama in love and baseball.

1 The perfect replacement

The perfect replacement

After a young girl, Doha, is chosen to protect another world known as Rowold, she is replaced in the real world by someone magically disguised as her. His twin brother, Dooyon, discovers the impostor Moomyung, only to be roped into the scheme to help him impersonate Doha.

The two butt heads at first, but quickly develop a close friendship and budding romance. This is made more difficult for the two as no one else knows that Moomyung is an impostor, only that he looks like Doha, which causes problems.

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