With the 2023 debut of the Berkeley-based animated series Breathed’s Bloom Countythe next seasonal viewing tradition A Charlie Brown Christmasand the November 2022 launch of Netflix Addams Family adaptation Wednesday, Comic book properties continue to be an important part of pop culture. Daily comics were an integral part of lifeRead More →

Home / Section: Awards Subject: Cartoonists © Patrick McDonnell Patrick McDonnel pass on a small thing inside: MUTTS might look a little different to you this week and in the future. If so, it’s because I relaxed my artistic style, using very few preliminary pencils (in some cases none)Read More →

As part of UNESCO’s work to harness emerging technologies for sustainable development, Inside AI: an algorithmic adventure helps young adults explore the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity. Nashilongo Gervasius Nakale (Namibia University of Science and Technology) interviewed Katie Evans, PhD in Philosophy and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and authorRead More →

Home / Section: Comics Comic Book Tricks and Nonsense Let’s start this comic book thing off with some panel nonsense. © Scott Hilburn Boing Boing, which regularly presents collections of comics that they discover to their liking recentlyhonoring thirty “absurd and humorous comic strips by Scott Hilburn”. Unfortunately, itRead More →

– Advertising – Popular comic book character Dilbert, which chronicles office life, has been banned from 77 newspapers in the United States. Media company Lee Enterprise stopped printing the comic this week. Dilbert creator, writer and illustrator Scott Adams said he doesn’t know why Dilbert should be fired. “Why theyRead More →

Find out what clicks on FoxBusiness.com Syndicated comic “Dilbert” calls out environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies in a new series launched earlier this month. “Dilbert” author Scott Adams announced the “tough race” in a September 15 YouTube video and said he was going to “destroy the ESG” or “takeRead More →

King Features Syndicate is developing a new animated film inspired by interactive children’s comics cunning fox. The in-development film will follow Sherlock-Holmes-esque detective Slylock Fox and his dedicated sidekick, Max Mouse, as they take on a cast of eccentric villains. Evan Daugherty (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Divergent, Snow White andRead More →

EXCLUSIVE: King Features Syndicate has launched development on a new animated feature film inspired by interactive children’s comics, cunning fox — having renewed its representation contract for the property, formerly Slylock Fox and children’s comics. The in-development film will follow Sherlock-Holmes-esque detective Slylock Fox and his dedicated sidekick, Max Mouse,Read More →

Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Berkeley Breathed had a close and personal encounter with a creature that would blow any attentive person out of its skin. Luckily for Breathed, the creator of the “Bloom County” comic, the 65-year-old wasn’t paying attention and just stepping on a western diamondback rattlesnake. Breathed posted aRead More →

A trailer for the next Netflix movie Slumberland just got out. The film stars Jason Momoa and is based on a classic and hugely influential newspaper comic strip by Winsor McCay titled Little Nemo in Slumberland. The film version is directed by The hunger Games Franchise Francis Lawrence. The filmRead More →

Green Goblin 8-inch action figure from Mego’s The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes range. Issued 1977, rated AFA 80+ NM, archival case. Only example noted in AFA Population Report. Sold for $76,700 against an estimate of $10,000 to $20,000, setting a world auction record for any Mego figure.Hake auctions YORK, Pa. —Read More →

The Comic Strip Café has reopened with minor modifications to the exterior of the buildings in the Toon Lagoon area of ​​Universal’s Island of Adventure. Our last update noted a “Pardon our dust” sign outside the restaurant. Now the cartoon planters have been renovated and new trees have been planted.Read More →

(Image credit Universal Orlando) As of this writing, the Revenge of the Mummy attraction remains closed during an extended renovation. One of the signature lines of this attraction states, “Are you crazy? Get out of here! The curse is real! While we love this line of the Mummy attraction atRead More →

An interpretation of Dr. Jose Rizal. (Illustration from the Philippine News Agency) ” Punch “. A comic strip featuring a fictionalized version of the national hero and a military escort has gained viral status for featuring an alternate storyline before his execution. Ssakit Comics shared a drawing of Jose RizalRead More →

EXCLUSIVE: CBS has developed jump start, a multi-camera comedy based on Robb Armstrong’s long-running comic. Wayne Conley (The best man) will pen the TV adaptation, which comes from Kapital Entertainment and Aaron Kaplan’s CBS Studios. Primetime-Panic Your complete guide to drivers and direct-to-serial controls Based on the popular comic thatRead More →

On the occasion of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, in partnership with the Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l’Image, wished to return to the history of European construction in comic strips. The thirteen pages ofRead More →

Older Americans may be ignored by most media, but they’re getting a lot of attention these days in a surprising place: comic books. Online diaries and comics about the lives of older characters attract readers of all generations. Other bands drop them from the supporting cast to become central figuresRead More →

(YourDigitalWall Editorial): – London, UK April 18, 2022 (Issuewire.com) – London-based Marzian Studios Ltd has announced the launch of the first-ever reality-fiction comic, The Marzians, a 2-year development that finally comes to the public to raise awareness about the space race and the continued exploration involving Mars by various spaceRead More →

Comics are Rebecca Schuchat’s preferred mode of expression. Still, the Oakland-born cartoonist, whose new comic, “Where’s My Timbrel?”, debuts here and will continue on J.’s social media, tends to make comics more introspective than humorous. “I spend a lot of time thinking, as a millennial, about not being able toRead More →

New episodes of some of your favorite TV shows from the 1960s and 1970s are coming! This is the case with “Space: 1999”, “Doctor Who”, “Dark Shadows” and “The Avengers”, the subject of this review. The caveat is that they appear as audio pieces, produced by UK-based Big Finish Productions.Read More →

Andrea Shecapio (Photo provided) By Patrick Quinn Journalist of the Local Journalism Initiative An English and history project at Voyageur Memorial High School in Mistissini has been so successful that teachers are trying to find a wider audience. In it, Andrea Shecapio uses digital comic media to create a movingRead More →

Fox Entertainment is developing an animated comedy series based on the Bloom County comic book, written by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, screenwriter, producer and children’s book author Berkeley Breathed. Berkeley Breathed Bloom County Comic Breathed will co-write and executive produce the project, which will be produced by Fox Entertainment-owned animation studioRead More →

80s comics Bloom County gets a primetime animated TV show on Fox. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bloom County Creator Berkeley Breathed is part of the project, revisiting characters such as Steve Dallas, Bill the Cat and Opus the Penguin as they provide artful commentary on our world from aRead More →