Check out 10 of the best fantasy webcomics you can read for free

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Sometimes I need to get out of my head and go somewhere happy. Webcomics happen to be my place of comfort. They make me feel comfortable and happy at the same time. I know they will take care of me, that they will give me a wholesome story that will hold my attention until the last chapter. If you want to check out the best fantasy webcomics you can find for free online, keep reading!

When I say “find for free”, don’t worry: I mean legally free. They are published by platforms like Webtoon, Tapas, etc., which remunerate their creators. Many webcomics are free to read, but sometimes, for example in Tapas, you will only have a few chapters before you need “ink” to read more. To get “ink”, you will have to pay with real money. However, I’ve only included webcomics that can be read in their entirety for free on this list! These apps are quite easy to use and are great tools for us webcomic fans to read our favorite stories.

But we’re not here to talk about everyone in the webcomic, are we? In this list, you will be able to see amazing fantasy webcomics, in particular: webcomics with brand new worlds, intricate magic systems, epic battles and maybe even romance. The fantasy genre can take you anywhere!

Paranormal fantasy webcomics

God, please make me a demon! by Bulsa/Yomgary

High school student Moran Baek has the face of an angel…and the personality of a demon. Well, the thing is, she’s actually a demon! Many years ago she was exiled. It was supposed to be 5,000 years of exile, but 5,000 years later and she’s still here!

One day, she discovers that by doing good deeds, her powers seem to come back to her. This may be the way to return to his own kingdom…

Lovely Hell webcomic cover

Beautiful Hell by Titasupp

Tanz is a creature of pure evil who was suddenly pushed into the human world against his will. There, she meets Cain, a human firefighter, who will guide her through this strange new world to her home: Hell.

If you’re looking for a great story with gorgeous art, bright colors, and warm people, beautiful hell is there for you to read immediately.

Hooky webcomic cover

Hooky by Miriam Bonastre Tur

This cute fantasy webcomic is about siblings Dani and Dorian who miss their bus to magic school. Now, to avoid their mother’s wrath, they must find someone who will teach them to be good witches.

Pink Sugar webcomic cover

Pink Sugar by Dulceskull

pink sugar is a queer fantasy romance webcomic that stars Blake, a nightclub owner, who lives in the halfway realm of Limbo after being eaten by a demon. Her nightclub, Venus, is a place where dreams are made. Blake uses his magic pen to ignite the nights there, with the help of his trusted friends, Rocko and Artemis.

My Roommate is a cover webcomic by Gumiho

My roommate is a Gumiho from NA

If you know the Korean drama of the same name, yes, it’s an adaptation of this webcomic! My roommate is a Gumiho follows 24-year-old Dam Lee, who has to live with a 900-year-old gumiho named Wuyeo Shin, because she accidentally swallowed his pearl. They must find a way to get him out of his body before it’s too late.

Best Fantasy Webcomics

Subzero webcomic cover

SubZero by Junepurrr

Who doesn’t love a good fantasy romance… WITH dragons! Sub-Zero follows Clove, the last princess of a nearly extinct Dragon Clan, who is willing to do anything in her power to save her people. Even if it means marrying his worst enemy so that he can bring peace to his lands.

Cover of volume 1 of Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe

Although Lore Olympus is available for purchase at your favorite bookstore or retailer, Rachel Smythe still posts on Webtoon. You can read all the way from episode one for free! But if you want a nice hardcover to stand on your shelves, we highly recommend getting the physical copy as well.

A reimagining of the myth of Hades and Persephone, Lore Olympus is the story of these two iconic characters meeting and falling in love amidst family drama, problematic friendships and an intense story.

Eerie Crests webcomic cover

Strange Crests by Caleb

For Gravity Falls fans, this one’s for you. strange ridges follows Dallas, the city’s troublemaker, whose whole life changes when his best friend is presumed dead. Malek ⁠— Dallas’ best friend ⁠— suddenly disappears while camping one day. When the police find a body they say it’s Malek, Dallas is sure they’re wrong.

He enlists the help of Poppy, one of Dallas and Malek’s best friends, to investigate this mysterious event. Lots of people are hiding secrets as… the forest harbors something inside and they are about to find out what is going on in the small town of Blue Crests.

Novae cover webtoon

Novae by Kaiju

Prepare to adore Novae, a story where an astronomer meets a necromancer! Sure, they connect instantly, but when a fellow astronomer dies, it suddenly complicates things for them.

This webcomic has a bit of murder mystery, fantasy, and romance in its story. The best of the best!

Cover of webcomic Eleceed by Jeho Son and ZHENA

Eleceed by Jeho Son/ZHENA

Jiwoo is a normal man who has catlike reflexes and uses his power to make the world a better place. While Kayden is a secret agent on the run… who just happens to be stuck in the body of a fluffy cat!

Together, they can use Jiwoo’s powers and Kayden’s brain to fight evil and save the world. If only they didn’t hate each other so much.

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