COATES: Changes to Sunday comics bring new faces to our pages | Local

The funny ones on Sunday welcome new residents.

We’re launching new comics in our weekly four-page comics section starting in this Sunday’s Herald & Review.

We know comics are a morning ritual and an escape from the day for many readers, so we take any adjustments very seriously. We’re always looking for a good mix of witty, whimsical and just plain funny entries on our pages, and we’re constantly on the lookout for new and diverse ones that reflect our changing world.

In May, we published a special 48-page section called “Bubbles” featuring the works of talented cartoonists from across the industry. We asked followers which ones they liked. And last fall, we also asked readers which columnists and syndicated articles they would like to appear on our pages.

These comments were important as we developed our new Sunday lineup, which will now include favorites “Dustin” and “Marmaduke.”

Three entirely new comics also join us in the Herald & Review:

We only have some space for comics in our Sunday edition, so we’re saying goodbye to “Candorville”, “Curtis” and “Sally Forth”. We will continue to publish outgoing comics through April in our e-edition, which is the digital replica of our journal included with your subscription. You can get more information about it at

These changes only affect the Sunday comic pages. The rest of the week will remain the same, although we’re still looking for feedback. Email me at

We hope you will participate and welcome these new characters to your Sunday newspaper.

Chris Coates is the editor of Central Illinois. Contact him at (217) 421-8905. Follow him on Twitter: @ByChrisCoates