Comic featuring Sir Paul McCartney is on display

A comic book starring Sir Paul McCartney that was never published has been displayed in a museum.

The Little Sir Paul McCartney cartoon was created for The Dandy by cartoonist Nigel Parkinson, but was never used.

Now the half-finished storyboard has been put on display at the Liverpool Beatles Museum.

The unused comic book storyboard ‘Little Sir Paul McCartney’ (Peter Byrne/PA)

In 1963, the Beatles star told NME magazine that he dreamed of appearing in The Dandy.

Although the concept of Little Sir Paul McCartney was never completed, he did feature in the comic in 2012.

The latest issue saw Sir Paul make an appearance, drawn by Mr Parkinson, alongside characters such as Desperate Dan.

Mr Parkinson – who draws Dennis the Menace for The Beano – said he sent the star two copies of the comic after it sold out at his local shop.

Paul McCartney in the Dandy exhibition

Artwork and a copy of The Dandy which features former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney are on display at the Beatles Museum in Liverpool (Peter Byrne/PA)

He said: “He emailed me to say, ‘Thank you so much, that was awesome.’

“He told me that some of his family members said it was the greatest thing he’s ever been associated with.”

Little Sir Paul McCartney’s previously unreleased tape shows the musician waking up in bed, with the Liver Building visible through his window, and riding a bus before being chased by fans.

It references some of his famous lyrics, taken from songs such as A Hard Day’s Night, Ticket to Ride and I Want To Hold Your Hand.


The unused comic book storyboard ‘Little Sir Paul McCartney’ (Peter Byrne/PA)

Mr Parkinson had previously created similar comics for X Factor judge Simon Cowell and presenters Ant and Dec.

He said: “It was nerve-wracking drawing Sir Paul.

“I’ve drawn a lot of celebrities before and normally I capture them pretty quickly but I’ve been watching it on TV since 1962, I’ve seen it in magazines and I’ve seen it in concert a couple of times so I thought that it was would be quite difficult to capture all the different factors of his personality.

The storyboards for the unfinished comic and the version that was published were displayed together at the Mathew Street Museum.

The museum, which houses a wide array of Beatles memorabilia, is owned by Roag Best, the brother of the band’s original drummer, Pete.

The Dandy was one of Britain’s longest running children’s comics and featured famous characters such as Desperate Dan and Korky the Cat. Its final print edition was released by DC Thomson for the comic’s 75th anniversary in December 2012.