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Comic Book Tricks and Nonsense

Let’s start this comic book thing off with some panel nonsense.

© Scott Hilburn

Boing Boing, which regularly presents collections of comics that they discover to their liking recently
honoring thirty “absurd and humorous comic strips by Scott Hilburn”.

Unfortunately, it appeared before the above issue of The Argyle sweater.

Thomas Yeates created a new title panel for him and Mark Schultz valiant prince.
It first appeared on August 28, 2022 and we finally got a nice clear picture of it
(as opposed to the one I captured and posted on our Facebook page).

© King Features Syndicate

Original art illustration by Bill Watterson from Calvin and Hobbes commenting on the adult illiteracy of the Lee Salem estate is our prequel to ScreenRant’s “10 Most Heartwarming Calvin and Hobbes Comics.”

Calvin and Hobbes … was often a commentary on the ways of the world through the eyes of a very peculiar little boy. Calvin and Hobbes varied everywhere from whimsical to introspective to just plain silly, but often it was really touching. These ten comics are the most heartwarming the strip has to offer.

© Bill Watterson
© Daniel Shelton

Ben and Olivia have commented on newspapers and comics for the past few days.
Readers responded in kind to the Well bands.

And now something completely different for Gil Thorp readers.


© Tribune Content Agency

New Gil Thorp writer Henry Barajas brings citizens of Milford (read fans),
kicking and screaming, in the modern world.

Others went OG (Original Goldberg).

© Colliers (?)

Barry Blit and the new yorker took a page from
Rube Goldberg and Professor Lucifer G. Butts, AK

© Condé Nast/Barry Blitt

Office hours call it a day.

Early this year, we replicated a week missing office hours that Comics Kingdom didn’t have the proofs for (we assume) and made a claim about the panel ending later in the year.

Allan Holtz corrected us about the ending:

According to the King Features Microfilm Catalog, the business hours material actually ended on 8/10/74, obviously exhausting the backlog of Mr. Olson’s panel. I can’t find anyone who raced this last week, but the Grand Rapids press raced it through 8/3/74.

© King Features Syndicate

Apparently Comics Kingdom doesn’t have last week’s proofs.
Working hours has not been updated since they performed the panel on August 3, 1974.

After several nominations…

© John Hambrock

John Hambrock won this year’s NCS award for The Best in Newspaper Strips
for The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee.