Cops offer ‘Gadchiroli Files’ comic to raise awareness against Naxalism

In a bid to raise awareness about Naxalism, police on Sunday launched a comic strip under “Gadchiroli Files” which reflects the ground realities of the affected area in this eastern district of Maharashtra, an officer said.

Gadchiroli Police Superintendent Ankit Goyal said the comic is mainly based on the theme of the Maoists harassing people and how they try to block development.

“Gadchiroli Police is launching the ‘Gadchiroli Files’ comic strip today. This will attempt to reflect events in the Gadchiroli neighborhood. It will be a creative way to reflect the ground realities of this neighborhood,” Goyal told reporters. here.

This idea is the brainchild of Goyal.

The comic will be available in Gondi, Marathi and English. It will be posted fortnightly online in social media format, he added.

Last November, considered one of the major operations, at least 27 Maoists, including the ultra high-ranking Milind Teltumbde, were killed during a clash with the police in the Gadchiroli district.

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Posted: Monday January 3rd 2022, 09:33 IST