Dilbert Comic Gets Chopped After Anti-Revival Plot – OutKick

If you were in a pool for the next victim of cancel culture and you had the Dilbert BD, you just won! No one would have guessed, but creator Scott Adams had the nerve to go against the grain and his long-running comic strip was pulled from over 70 newspapers.

Adams told Fox News that Lee Enterprise — which distributes the comic — called to have it removed from the papers.

“It was part of a larger overhaul, I believe, of the comics, but why they decided what was inside and what was outside is not known to anyone but them. , I guess,” he told Fox News.

In recent years, Adams has tackled some controversial issues. He specifically highlighted bands that address environmental, social and governance, or ESG, issues.

“All of the revival and all that pervaded ESG…so this stuff made its way into the business world and then it became appropriate content for Dilbert,” Adams said.

According to the Daily Mail, the most recent plot that got Dilbert and company into trouble involved a black character – who identifies as white – who was asked to identify as gay to boost the ratings of the society.

Dilbert Addressing ESG Issues Prior to Cancellation

A little reminder before going any further: this is a comic strip. A fictional cartoon with fictional characters, and fictional plots. It’s supposed to be funny.

It seems that sometimes people forget these important details.

Adams told Fox News he suffered a “substantial” financial loss due to the cancellations. He also tweeted about the cancellations and hinted at plans to release the comics on social media.

It remains to be seen what will become of Dilbert, Dogbert, Catbert and the rest of the Dilbert crew. All we know is that this sounds like another prime example of someone suffering exaggerated ramifications for spurning – or even just questioning or mocking – woke politics.

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