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Figures from 1990 (comics survey)

This week saw the return of Jeffrey Lindenblatt’s survey of comic book trends in newspapers of the past, this time he looks at comic book circulation figures in 300 269 ​​newspapers during the year 1990 (in three parts). Which comics were on the rise, which comics were losing customers.

The end of Bloom County caused a lot of movement in the Top 30. Calvin & Hobbes moved up 5 places from 11 to 6. For Better or For Worse went from 13 to 10 and Cathy went from 18 to 15 and joined the 100th club. Cathy replaces Bloom County in the club, so our total is still 16 gangs that have 100 or more gangs.

Sally Forth, Arlo and Janis and Funky Winkerbean entered the Top 30. The three bands that fell out of the Top 30 were Bloom County, Winthrop and Gasoline Alley.

© Jeffrey Lindenblatt

Above are the top 10 comics in Jeffrey’s chart of the Top 30, this is followed by a list of over a hundred additional circulation issues of comics and panels that have appeared in his survey of the newspapers.

Jeffrey Lindenblatt’s Paper Trends is a fascinating part of
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