gadjiroli: Maharashtra: Gadchiroli police launch comic strip to expose Maoist agenda | Nagpur News

NAGPUR: The Gadchiroli Police have launched an effort to expose the Maoists through comic books, labeling them as “Gadchiroli Files”, to counter their propaganda networks. On Thursday, the first tape was released in Marathi and English, except for the local tribal language Gondi.
The ‘Gadchiroli Files’, perhaps the first comic released by the police, will be used as a medium to propagate various ideas revolving around the ground realities of the tribally dominated neighborhood. Although destructive and counterproductive Maoist violence was the inaugural theme, the comic would also have other questions about government policies, developments and challenges in the days to come.
In the first strip, a Maoist is shown approaching a school student, trying to induce him to join the rebel movement, which is a reality in the neighborhood in several remote areas.
After the student rejects the offer, the comic shows the miffed rebels setting the zilla parishad school on fire and throwing a grenade. The Maoist is shown laughing out loud while greeting the movement with a “Lal Salam”, which is their signature way of greeting each other.
A senior police official says the Maoists are known to have underground units, like “Bal Sangam”, made up of minors, whom they see as effective couriers or messengers apart from prospective recruits.
SP Ankit Goyal said the comic would project the ground realities of the neighborhood, in which Maoist violence is only an integral part. “The medium of comics was chosen for its universal acceptance and its lucid character that is easily appealing to all. Topics would encompass issues relating to the neighborhood, which need to be exposed to the rest of the world,” Goyal said, adding that a comic would be published fortnightly.
Goyal said the police department has adopted various positive propaganda platforms for public awareness through posters, banners, brochures and leaflets for information dissemination, which will be beneficial for the local population.