Hawaii comic teaches keiki how the COVID vaccine works

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Now that keiki as young as five can get the COVID vaccine, they might have questions about how it works and why they might want to get it.

There are many resources to help address concerns, including the Keiki Heroes program. The comic teaches keiki that they can be heroes by helping to protect those who care for them.

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The comic follows Hoku and Kai who want to learn more about coronavirus vaccines. Their doctor likens the vaccine to a ninja who gives their body’s defenders special training to fight the virus.

“We used to get vaccinated against chickenpox and all kinds of things, but this was a little different,” said Rebecca Choi, Project Manager of Keiki Heroes. “So in our story, Kai and Hoku actually learn that the COVID vaccine is like a ninja master and he teaches how to fight COVID by working with the white blood cells that are already in your body, training them to fight COVID, so it’s really fun, but it’s also scientifically true about how the vaccine works.

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The book is distributed in many keiki vaccination clinics, as well as in elementary schools on the Big Island. It is also available for Download here.