Horror webcomics to read this Halloween

Are you planning to celebrate Halloween with horror this year? Look no further than these eight horror webcomics you can read online for free in October. Reading webcomics is a great way to support independent creators and up-and-coming comics who post their wok online on sites like Tapas and WebToon. Even better? You can sort webcomics by genre, so if you’re in the mood for, say, some serious scares, you can search through some of the most popular horror comics they have to offer. It’s easy to explore and subscribe to different comics, whether you want to read it all now or save it for later. You will even be notified of updates so that you can follow the creation of the story.

To get you started, I’ve put together a selection of horror webcomics (some complete, some still in progress) ranging from playful to much more sinister. There are eldritch monsters and dangerous cults, werewolves, vampires and haunted woods. In short, all sorts of nightmares in the making. Go ahead, dip your toes in the water. Don’t dive too deep, or you might find monsters waiting for you below the surface.

Curse of the Eel Webcomic Cover

Curse of the Eel by Jorge Santiago Jr.

Summoning a Cthulhu-like eel is bound to change anyone’s life, and probably not for the better. When it happens to goth teenager Connie, she finds herself wrapped in danger and the machinations of a dark cult.

Read it online or get a copy of the first and second volumes here.

Don't Linger in Dark Corners Webcomic Cover

Don’t Linger in Dark Corners by Dylan B. Caleho

A young boy crosses paths with a wolfman hiding under a dark bridge in his hometown, and despite his attempts to stay away, their lives become inexplicably linked.

You can read it online for free or get a physical copy here.

Obelisk Webcomic Cover

Obelisk by Ashley McCammon

It is a gothic horror webcomic set in 1908 New York. It follows Evelyn Reuter who, while sorting through the legacy left by her father, encounters a beautiful vampire trader offering her relief from the inevitable grief.

When Darkness Presses Webcomic Cover

When Darkness Presses by Emily Carroll

A weird and chilling webcomic from Emily Carroll about a woman who keeps a family, haunted by the sounds she hears – or the dreams she hears – at night. It plays with the webcomic format in a really fascinating and innovative way. This is a comic book (as with a number of Carroll’s works) that just wouldn’t work as well in any other form.

Paranormal Protocol Web Comic Cover

Jay’s Paranormal Protocol (Tacodemuerte)

In 1970s New York City, evil lurks the streets, and it’s up to newly promoted parking attendants to find out what’s behind all the gruesome murders. It’s a 70s horror comedy; What more could you ask for?

Golden Hour webcomic cover

Kai Lysander’s Golden Hour

Being a mortal in love with a demon can get a little tricky, especially when your soul is on the line. But when a fallen angel offers a trade – soul for soul – the disgraced priest at the center of golden hour might have found a solution. What’s a damn man got to lose?

This psychological horror webcomic follows a disgraced priest, his demon lover, and a fallen angel. Do you really need to know anything else? It’s a fun and surreal LGBTQ horror webcomic with stunning artwork.

book cover of The Last Halloween

Abby Howard’s Last Halloween

An episodic horror webcomic, The Last Halloween tells the story of a 10-year-old girl named Mona who believes her Halloween can’t get any worse without a horror movie to watch. But then a monster appears in her living room and she suddenly finds herself on a quest to stop billions of monsters from making it the last Halloween ever.

Nothing Is Forgotten Web Comic Cover

Nothing is Forgotten by Ryan Andrews

In this wordless black and white webcomic, a boy flees into the woods after his father’s funeral. Strange eyes peek out from the darkness, and even after being rescued, he cannot forget the strange horrors he has seen. But will returning to the woods answer her questions or just raise more mysteries?

Need even more horror webcomics (and graphic novels) to read this fall?