How to Create a Comic Using Comicgen and Google Slides

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create your own comic. All you need is a comic book generator and Google Slides.

Are you a comic fan ready to get in touch with your creative side? Look no further. Gone are the days when comics were created only by comic artists; you can also create comics!

Comicgen is one of the best platforms to use for creating comics. The website aims to facilitate storytelling through comics, even if you have no design experience. In this article, we will give you a detailed guide on how to create a comic using Comicgen and Google Slides.

How to Create a Comic Character with Comicgen

The best way to create your comic is to plan your comics and storyline in advance. To create your cartoon character, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Comicgen.
  2. Click on the red box that says Try the new Comicgen v1.
  3. Choose your character by clicking on the character scrolling menu.
  4. Modify your character by clicking on the other boxes. Here you can change your character’s name, emotion, gender, face style, dress, pose, skin tone and clothing colors.
  5. Click on PNG at the bottom of the page to save your comic.

How to Create a Comic Using Comicgen and Google Slides

The best way to create comics using Comicgen is to pair it with an illustration platform. Once you’ve created your characters on Comicgen, you can use Google Slides to create a comic. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Slides and create a White presentation.
  2. Click on Case in the upper left corner.
  3. Head toward Layout.
  4. Customize your page size according to the size you want for your comic boards. For example, your panels can measure 10 x 12 inches.
  5. Insert your Comicgen character by dragging the image into the slide, or clicking Insert in the top bar and selecting Image.
  6. To add speech and thought bubbles, click Insertthen select Formand click on Legends.
  7. Type your text directly inside the callout shape to add context.
  8. In subsequent panels, follow the same process by inserting characters, speech bubbles, images, and whatever else your comic entails. You can also play around with the presentation features of Google Slides to bring your comic to life.
  9. To turn your slides into a comic strip, click Casethen select Preview before printing.
  10. Head to document options and click on the number of slides you want to show per page.
  11. Click on Download as PDFWhere To print.

If you don’t want your entire comic to contain Comicgen comics, you can spice it up by incorporating images from sites with free stock photos.

Create your own comics

You don’t need any technical skills to create your own comics; you can easily create them without any graphic design experience or skills. All you have to do is follow the instructions mentioned above and you are good to go.

Comicgen and Google Slides aren’t the only tools available to help you create comics, there are always other great options to choose from.