Is the Comic Strip Café cursed?

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As of this writing, the Revenge of the Mummy attraction remains closed during an extended renovation. One of the signature lines of this attraction states, “Are you crazy? Get out of here! The curse is real! While we love this line of the Mummy attraction at Universal Studios Florida, another curse may exist. This one seems to rule over the Toon Lagoon region of Islands of Adventure. Comic Strip Café closed several weeks ago. What does that mean?

Why is this important? First, Universal Orlando needs more dining locations open during the busiest summer month. Second, this food court location takes up a lot of space for people to go in addition to queuing in long queues. In the Florida summer heat, people need a place to enjoy the air conditioning. Third, Universal Orlando has invested a lot of time and money into changing the menu here lately.

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For context, Universal Orlando slowly reopened dining areas at the parks when it reopened in 2020. All of these careful reopening procedures made sense to maximize guest safety. Comic Strip Café has finally reopened. Yet in November 2021, Comic Strip Café scratched its old eclectic menu for a new one. The new one focused on arepas and ramen bowls. Of course, a few standard theme park items like burgers remained on the menu. Still, this menu change shows the bravery of Universal’s food and drink. Early reviews of the new menu items didn’t shine. Still, all said this menu was an overall improvement.

Then in April 2022, the menu changed again. The arepas are gone. Some standard theme park fare has returned to the menu. Now the menu looks more eclectic than before. On one side of the menu you have ramen and rice bowls. Yet on the other side of the menu boards you have burgers and pizza. Is the Comic Strip cafe doomed to have a weird and complicated menu forever? Is the curse real? Maybe they are crazy? Maybe we should get out of here.

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Universal Orlando continues to try to make this location work. An unscientific definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. What is the future of this large space of Toon Lagoon? How long will it be closed this time? If it is closed in July will it keep it closed until the winter holiday season? Since I don’t have any inside information, I lack knowledge on this one.

A curse placed on this place becomes more powerful day by day. Hopefully Universal Orlando will emerge from the rubble of this food court displaying a new concept. Plus, may the curse of the Comic Strip Café be eradicated with a new concept that works for customers and Universal Orlando.

I know some people loved this place before the pandemic. However, most guests gave it below-average ratings for restaurant service. Good news, Universal Orlando has successfully revived Green Eggs and Ham from the dark ages of food quality. Therein lies the hope. On the other hand, they still haven’t solved the problem of the menu of the Circus McGurkus Café Stoo-Pendous, so which one will it be? Only time will tell. I assure you when/if Comic Strip café will reopen; I will update you on the pros and cons of this place. Who knows, this place might reopen between the time I type these words and this one is posted. As always, eat your way!

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