Loss Meme explained as viral comic resurfaces

This month, the Loss Meme went viral on Twitter, but it’s not a new trend at all.

In fact, the meme dates back to 2008 but resurfaced in 2022.

If you’ve seen the comic on your feed and you’re a little confused, here’s what it’s all about…


The webcomic Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Let’s start at the very beginning. In the early 2000s, a man called Tim Buckley created a popular webcomic called Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

The online comic was launched in October 2002 and still operates today, with new comics published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete revolves around Ethan, an over-the-top video game fanatic, his sarcastic roommate Lucas, and his wife Lilah.

In 2008, Tim released a comic called “Loss”, which quickly became a viral meme.



“Loss” was released on June 2, 2008 as part of Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

In the comic, Ethan and his then-fiancée Lilah were expecting their first child.

Four side-by-side photos without dialogue show Ethan entering a hospital where he sees Lilah crying after she had a miscarriage.

It was quite different from the humorous tone that Ctrl+Alt+Delete usually had and received a lot of negative responses.

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It became a viral meme

After its release, the tape instantly became a viral meme as people started creating parodies and edits of it.

Memes started flooding Twitter and Tumblr as people changed characters into things from Futurama, Pokemon, The Simpsons and Super Mario Bros.

However, it’s important to note that no one ever directly poked fun at the serious subject of miscarriage and it simply became a popular meme format after the comics.

After posting “Loss”, Tim wrote a blog post explaining that the storyline had been planned for years and was based on his own personal experiences.

Tim had an unplanned pregnancy and miscarriage with an ex-girlfriend in college, which the storyline was based on.

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