Mage & Demon Queen & 9 Other Manga-Inspired Romance Webcomics

While not as popular or as well-known as manga, manhwa, or other print comics, webtoons are a great way for people to read and enjoy digital comics on the go. What makes them both wonderful and less popular is that anyone can post a webtoon and they don’t have to follow the same standards or design standards that readers would see in other bands drawn.

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Nonetheless, there are some brilliant webcomics waiting to be read. In fact, there are many romance webcomics inspired by manga like the popular mage queen and demon which romance fans will love (although some art styles can be a bit unique and take some getting used to).

ten A young mage is determined to make the demon queen fall in love with her (Mage & Demon Queen)

mage queen and demon is a fantasy and comedic GL webtoon from author and artist color_LES. In this world, adventurers climb the demonic tower in hopes of defeating the demonic queen, which no one has been able to do. When people die in the tower, they must have enough gold on them to be revived.

For a cute young mage, all she wants is for the demon queen to be her lover. So much so that she entered the tower countless times, befriended all the demons, almost died permanently because she didn’t have enough gold, and fed on her interactions very limited with the beautiful queen. This webtoon is hilarious, ridiculous and fun to read.

9 Two sea creatures decide to take their future into their own hands rather than follow a prophecy (castle swimmer)

From author and artist Wendy Lian Martin, castle swimmer is a BL romance and adventure webtoon. Two young sea creatures have their lives planned out for them. Long before they were born, it was prophesied that one, the Lighthouse, would lead his people to a brighter future. The other is a prince who is destined to kill the Lighthouse so his people can prosper.

When the two decide to create their own future, a future that was neither predicted nor predestined, their actions and love send ripples across the ocean.

8 Gods can be powerful but they are able to act like humans and give in to their emotions when necessary (Lore Olympus)

Lore Olympus, from creator Rachel Smythe, is a romantic drama webtoon that contains mature themes that might trigger some. This webtoon is a twisted retelling of the story of Persephone and Hades, and the lives of the gods.

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After dark, the gods let nothing hold them back. Gossip and lies run wild, friendships are torn apart, wild parties ensue and love is thick in the air. While they may be gods, they have very human issues, and not all gods are good and wholesome, as one woman in particular finds out.

seven A woman follows the god of war to the mortal realm in hopes that he will love her back (three lives)

three lives is a comedy-drama webtoon from creators Art.te and Kerbasi. Juju is a beautiful woman who fell in love with the god of war, Jin Lei. Unfortunately for Juju, the God of War doesn’t even know she exists.

So when he decides to go to the mortal realm to complete three trials to reach a higher deity, she follows him. They have three lives to achieve their goals, and Juju is determined, in at least one of them, to make the God of War love her back.

6 An encounter between an art student and a bad boy proves that opposites attract (Nice to meet you)

From author and artist Wishroomness, Nice to meet you is a romantic webtoon set in middle school. Mew is a dumb student who stumbles across a student ID. Instead of doing the right thing by returning it, she decides to keep it and see what fate has in store for her.

Unfortunately for her, Daze, the person whose card she has, isn’t too impressed with her actions. But as their lives progress, the sweet art student and the cold bad boy realize that opposites attract the more they spend together.

5 Kimmi can’t resist the bread made by a rude and arrogant apprentice baker (Sound Of Bread)

The sound of bread, from creators Miqin and Scarlozet, is a romantic webtoon. Kimmie is a young cellist who hopes to one day become a renowned conductor. She also happens to have a unique ability that allows her to hear tastes like music. Kale, a rude apprentice who works at a basic bakery in Paris, happens to be someone she despises.

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However, she keeps going back to the bakery because the sound of the bread he makes is absolutely beautiful. The two form an unlikely friendship that eventually leads to something even more beautiful than the sound of bread.

4 A demon becomes a babysitter for a single mother (The Demon Babysitter)

The demonic babysitter is a comedy-drama webtoon from creators Aanchal Budhiraja and Blau. When a supernatural being shows up at your doorstep offering three wishes, more often than not a person will choose money, fame, or power.

Yuki Rin is a single mother who accidentally summons a demon in her kitchen. Kuro, who is an alpha demon with terrible luck, must grant Yuki three wishes. However, the single mother asks for his help in looking after her son, whom he believes to be below him. Thus, he plans to seduce the woman to break his contract, but she is harder to break than he initially believed.

3 Chiko forms an unusual relationship with a delivery girl after paying her to pretend to be his girlfriend (unlovable replacement)

From author and artist Nylana, Replacement without love is a romantic webtoon filled with laughter, love, and heartache. Chiko Dyer was dumped by his girlfriend, and it hurt him deeply. But he hopes he can pretend to be fine without her with the help of delivery girl, November, who will play the role of his beautiful and cool girlfriend, for a fee (which is similar to what went into Rent a girlfriend).

After their first exchange, the two develop a strange and unusual connection filled with banter and laughter that only seems to deepen as they spend more time together.

2 Sun- Yi Kim gets closer to a mute boy who was found in their barn (a werewolf boy)

A werewolf boy, from creators Kikuatama and Tessa Yadawaputri, is a comedy, drama and horror webtoon. Sun-yi Kim is a very sick girl whose family moved to the countryside to help her get better. While exploring the barn, she finds a dirty, wild boy inside who is unable to speak.

Despite this, Sun-yi’s family takes her in until the police can locate her family or find a place that will take her in. As the two grow closer, an unbreakable bond forms between them, but their future is filled with obstacles and heartbreak.

1 Maeva marries a lazy prince to solidify the power of their kingdom, but there’s more to him than she thinks (Prince Of Silk & Thorn)

Prince of Silk and Thorn is a dramatic and fantastical webtoon from creators Ellinot and Maham Fatemi. Maeva is the princess of Krashna and always got everything she wanted. That is until she is forced to marry the third prince of Jora.

To avoid a war with another kingdom, she knows she must solidify the relationship between Jora and Krashna. Even though he seems lazy, distant and unmotivated, she hopes that if he can fall in love with her, everything will be fine. But she soon discovers that there is more to the prince than she initially thought.

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