MV Agusta motorcycles featured in the comic

Press release | July 23, 2021

The MV Agusta range of motorcycles featured in an MV-branded comic strip. The first episode of the series, written by Italian screenwriter Tommaso De Stefanis, has just been released.

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Varese, Italy (July 22, 2021) – For the first time in its history, MV Agusta has been transformed into a comic strip showcasing its latest line of iconic motorcycles, each paired with a character personifying its archetypal owner. Cesare, the main character of the first episode, “Soul of the Mountain”, recently launched on the official website of MV Agusta, is a rescue helicopter pilot who, in his spare time, likes to travel the scenic mountain roads around the airbase. on his Turismo Veloce. Other motorcycles featured in future episodes of the series include the Brutale, Brutale 4-cylinder, Rush, Dragster, F3 and the Rosso version of the Turismo Veloce. The other characters, including two women, are equally intriguing and attractive, and reflect the characteristics and personality of the motorcycles they ride. The project was developed with the support of the Scuola Internazionale di Comics di Reggio Emilia, Academy of Visual Arts and New Media, one of the most important comic schools in Italy.

The concept is based on a series of short stories that tell the story of MV Agusta in a new and engaging way, inspired in part by black lore and in part by the heroes of 1970s motorsport comics. The personality of the motorcycles presented in the various episodes and of the corresponding pilots stands out very strongly because the chosen medium allows for the most daring plots and the most spectacular settings.

Filippo Bassoli, Marketing Director, MV Agusta Motor SpA, commented: “To conquer new audiences and venture into new markets, you have to keep an open mind and not be afraid to do things differently. MV Agusta is currently expanding its customer base and entering new segments of our industry. This comic book series is a small revolution in the way we traditionally communicate our brand. It is also an evolution, since the new narrative around our latest models is clearly aimed at young generation motorcyclists, but also appeals to a more mature clientele. The eight characters chosen to appear in the comic represent the augmented embodiment of our fans’ aspirations for their respective MV Agusta models. But aside from all branding and marketing considerations, these stories are fun to read, well-written, and beautifully drawn. I’m sure MV Agusta fans around the world will appreciate them and feel part of a larger community that stretches across borders and social boundaries.

MV Agusta motorcycles featured in the comic

A special section of the MV Agusta website has been created specifically to host the comic ( Tommaso De Stefanis, who wrote the episodes, has been active in the comedy scene since 2007 and is an internationally recognized talent in the field. For this project, he collaborated with the artist Davide Castelluccio, the author of the drawings.

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