New place for your Sunday comics at T&D | Local


So you’ve already had a few days to take a look at the changes in daily comics, advice columns and riddles from The Times and the Democrats.

We’ve heard from our readers about the changes – some pros, but mostly cons. In reality, this is to be expected. Fortunately, people become familiar and comfortable with daily newspaper articles and generally don’t like them to change.

So what do the daily changes mean for the Sunday edition, which traditionally has a different lineup to include color comics?

Sunday comics

First, color comics aren’t going away. Their format is changing. Rather than a separate comics section, you’ll find Sunday comics in the Sunday Magazine C section (today on C4 and C5). The comic lineup has a few changes, but we think you’ll like what you see.

People also read…

Also inside the Sunday Magazine, you’ll find Sunday puzzles – including LA Times crosswords, Sudoku and Jumble – and the daily What to Watch TV. The daily advice columns can be found on page C3.

Not to mention, you now get an additional page of comics exclusively on our E-edition platform at, and you’ll also soon have access to nearly 500 comics, dozens of puzzles, and several new syndicated columnists on our website.

The new E-only Comics Extra page is now available daily. The rest of the hundreds of available digital-only comics, puzzles, and chronicles will be available on our website in the coming weeks.

Let’s review the comics

Daily comics in print changed to include favorites such as Garfield and Peanuts, as well as Argyle Sweater, Baby Blues, Close to Home, Crabgrass, For Better or For Worse, Luann, Pearls Before Swine and Pickles.

Of the comics formerly in the daily print edition, these are available on the Electronic Edition’s Comics Extra page: Arlo & Janis, Born Loser, Frank & Ernest, and Jump Start.

The Sunday comics we keep are Born Loser, For Better or For Worse, Doonesbury, FoxTrot, Frank & Ernest, Garfield, Peanuts, Rose is Rose and Pickles.

New comics in print Sunday: Baby Blues, Close to Home, Crabgrass, Luann, Pearls Before Swine, Argyle Sweater, Baldo, Jump Start and Marmaduke.

Comics in the Sunday e-edition: Arlo & Janis, Big Nate, Breaking Cat News, Drabble, Flying McCoys, Frazz, Grand Avenue, Half Full, Heart of the City, Lio, Loose Parts, Mike Du Jour, Nancy , Non Sequitur, Pooch Café, Red and Rover, Sherman’s Lagoon, Wallace the Brave, WuMo, and Ziggy.

Why the changes?

As we continue to evolve as a digitally-focused, community-driven local news organization, we must constantly evaluate how we are investing our resources. In doing so, the top priority is to invest in giving you the best local news coverage possible.