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Halloween isn’t until the 31st, but how about watching some spooky webcomics beforehand? The plot twist, however, is that the featured comics are cute rather than creepy. A bundle of sweetness and joy, in fact. Featured webcomics are from WebToon and Tapas.*

A vampire learns to surf. A grim reaper that collects the souls of unwanted pets. A woman dating a demon. If you, like me, prefer to watch Paranormand, Coraline, Halloween Town, or scary movies that are actually wholesome and/or sweet, you’ll definitely enjoy one (if not all) of these eight webcomics below. So let’s go !

Flowers for the Arsonist by LiarCat
Flowers for the Arsonist

Flowers for the Arsonist by Liarcat (the creator’s website is not available)

After being sent to Wheskering Hills to be “different”, Lucia meets a girl named Paige. I admire the balance between drama and humor.

The Loving Grim Reaper by Jenny Jinya
loving reaper

The Loving Grim Reaper by Jenny Jinya

A beautiful webcomic that raises awareness about endangered species, abandoned and abused pets and biodiversity.

Hannah and Morty by Hey Bob Guy
Hannah and Morty

Hannah & Morty by Hey Bob Guy (Completed) (all ages)

This webcomic and accompanying story A child named Hannah, contains sweet and tender moments. Father and daughter, both reapers, break the law to visit their living relatives.

Samantha and Growler by Pareinn
Samantha and Growler

Samantha & Growler by Parein (all ages)

A slice-of-life webcomic about a girl and her monstrous companion. Clever characterization and lore here.

Welcome to Limbo by LukePrimous
Welcome to Limbo

Welcome to Limbo by LucPrimous

A supernatural comedy that dwells seamlessly in serious places, Welcome to Limbo follows the story of a group of teenagers finding themselves linked to the spirit of death.

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SPF 100 by Ingrid Kan
SPF 100

FPS 100+ by Ingrid Kan

Young vampire Luca has just moved into his new home when he meets Cody, a local surfer. Luca finds himself developing a crush on the surfer and thus braves the outdoors with tons of sunscreen. An endearing webcomic.

Blackened by Mr. Freaksaur

Blackened by Mr. Freaksaur

Zoe, in love with witches and plants, finally meets the man she met through a dating app. Except it’s not a man. It’s a monster. But he is friendly, gentle and generous.

I’m a sucker for monster-human romances, and Blackened does very well with character dynamics and Zoe’s development.

My Demon Valentine by Jenny-Toons
My Valentine Demon

My Demon Valentine by Jenny Toons (Completed)

Sandra summons the demon Adoniem as a date for Valentine’s Day. A funny and sweet webcomic.

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Webcomics I reviewed this month:

With butterflies in her hair by Jenny Toons

Eternal Star of Reflection by Đậu Trà Xanh

From La Island by Lorena Torres Loaiza

LMLY by edbe

princess in the rough by HAERU and Harasyo

MagicalMashup! by Lady T. Reveries

Do you know a good webcomic (or more) to read for Halloween? Please feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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* My mention of all platforms on this post is unsponsored.

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