COLUMN: Food for thought by Sandy Sutherland A FEW years ago we walked into the Scottish Antiques and Arts Center in Doune, near Callander. My wife could soon find herself among the antiques and I among the comics! Old copies of the Hotspur, Dandy, Beano… brought back childhood memories. Rev.Read More →

Draftsman’s work Kaitlin Chan may already be familiar to you if you are an avid reader of the New Yorker, which frequently features their comics. But even if you’ve read their work before, now’s a great time to revisit Chan’s thoughtful comics, readily available to read on his website. KaitlinRead More →

The Pirate and the Princess tells the story of a princess kidnapped by a pirate. She goes on an adventure at sea and what she learns changes her world. The Pirate and the Princessby Sapphire, is a historical romance centered around two characters: Princess Kirianna of Altira, an optimistic, intelligentRead More →

The offending comic was published in the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers on December 1. Rafu staff report Asian American readers have complained about The Los Angeles Times about a racial slur that appeared in one of his daily comic strips on Wednesday. The newspaper apologized and announced thatRead More →

bring me love tells the story of Brie who falls in love with another woman after her previous relationship ends. Bring me love, by Arianna, Mexican illustrator, is a romantic story in pastel colors. However, it contains adult situations and themes, with a disclaimer that it is “recommended for matureRead More →

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — South Korean webcomics app Mantis, a subsidiary of RIDI Corporation, has tapped San Francisco-based agency Lemonade to spearhead its marketing efforts in North America. The teams will collaborate on all digital marketing and OOH efforts, including an experiential installation at Comic-Con International:Read More →

Poster images for the webtoon (left) and the Netflix series “Hellbound” (Naver Webtoon, Netflix) Netflix’s latest Korean Original, “Hellbound,” has captured the attention of fans both local and overseas with gruesome depictions of death and suspenseful episodes. The series, directed by Yeon Sang-ho, the mastermind behind megahit zombie sensation “TrainRead More →

With thousands of webcomics floating around the internet, which one should you read? Metrolife did its homework and here are our recommendations. The strange tales of Oscar Zahn Written by Tri Vuong, the webcomic follows main character Oscar Zahn, a well-dressed skeleton who is full of secrets, humor and mystery.Read More →

SWATCH watches have been picked up by Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock and the rest of the Peanuts gang. The new Swatch X Peanuts collaboration features the iconic characters of Charles M. Schulz and the collection is packed with great moments from the Peanuts comic. It is sure to bring outRead More →

Here are this week’s Sour Grapes, enjoy! Tim Jones is the creator, artist, and writer of the wildly popular, self-syndicated comic book, “SOUR GRAPES”; a comic about “Aesop”, a miserable flying dog and his strange friends, all living in a problematic and troubled world. Sour Grapes is currently published inRead More →

Are you planning to celebrate Halloween with horror this year? Look no further than these eight horror webcomics you can read online for free in October. Reading webcomics is a great way to support independent creators and up-and-coming comics who post their wok online on sites like Tapas and WebToon.Read More →

Hearst Connecticut Media Editorial Board October 19, 2021 A 9/11 “Curtis” comic strip by Stamford resident Ray Billingsley. King Features Syndicate Thumbs up to Stamford resident Ray Billingsley, who won the Reuben Award for Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year from the National Cartoonists Society. Billingsley, creator of the “Curtis” comicRead More →

Mahalo for supporting Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Enjoy this free story! Comic book characters are bad role models As a kid, I always looked forward to reading comics — you know, “funnies” — because they were funny. And here I am, I’m almost 86, and I still like to read funny books.Read More →

By: Zachary Lopez (ZachNews): Source: Regional Museum of Agulhas (Information): Downtown Needles, CA: Spike, the cartoon character from the Peanuts statue, has a new home inside the Needles Regional Museum. Spike is Snoopy’s brother who lives outside of Needles, California, and is a character in Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts comicRead More →

Graphic created with Canva I want to take the time to highlight webcomics (from platforms like WebToon, Tapas and Hiveworks) by black creators. Here I recommend six webcomics and list the ones I have reviewed or listed so far. This post is not sponsored. All opinions are mine. First, creditRead More →

The Alternative Media Foundation commissioned the comics as part of the Media Freedom Initiative Marianie or “Marian Hukom”, a Filipino graphic designer known for her works that depict women’s empowerment and representation, has partnered with the Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA) to call for action against the prevalence of fakeRead More →

Pune, India, Aug. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world webcomics market The size is expected to gain momentum reaching $11.12 billion by 2028 while growing at a CAGR of 6.1% between 2021 and 2028. In its report titled “Webcomic Market, 2021-2028“, Fortune Business Insights mentions that the market wasRead More →

Saturday morning breakfast cereal– Zach Weinersmith ampersand – Barry Deutsch Schematic – Michael Yu Khartoun! – Khalid Albaih The context small life lines –Nick Birch The other end – Neil Kohney Socks and puppets – David Birch Little moments – Wallet Steve Dreams…–SO Buy the new book Little Moments it’sRead More →

It happened. DC and Webtoon today announced a partnership that will see the companies collaborate on several upcoming webcomic series set in the DC Universe. No creative team has been announced, although very reasonably it looks like the DC characters will be adapted by webtoon creators, and it won’t beRead More →

DC is teaming up with Webtoons to create all-new standalone webcomics for all readers, featuring many characters from across the DC Universe. A new partnership between DC and webtoon will see characters from the DC Universe star in the upcoming webcomic series. The DC/Webtoon collaboration is intended to introduce stand-aloneRead More →

After more than two decades, a comic produced by artist DeLand will end early next year. Mr Fitz, which tells the universe of a high school teacher, has been written and drawn since 2000 by David Finkle, who is largely inspired by his own career as a teacher for comics.Read More →

Image created with Canva. In addition to short comics, I also read slice-of-life webcomics. The 18 webcomics below range from transgender identities to teen activism and awareness. Here, you’ll find stories exploring queer experiences, everyday reflections, and heteronormative and gendered assumptions. Following on from my last installment of webcomic recommendations,Read More →

What’s new is pleased to announce that Sour Grapes – A Comic Strip by Tim Jones will now air weekly on Tim Jones is the creator, artist, and writer of the wildly popular, self-syndicated comic book, “SOUR GRAPES”; a comic about “Aesop”, a miserable flying dog and his strangeRead More →

Graphic created with Canva For this new webcomics feature, I’ve selected four webcomics about losing and recovering magic, fantasy living, and dealing with grief. Explore these worlds of witchcraft and self-discovery. Everything is magic. I discovered several new webcomics this month, but here are four that contain “magical” themes: witches,Read More →

SYDNEY — He suffered through the Great Depression, witnessed the technological revolution, survived two world wars and a pandemic, and lived under 24 prime ministers. But now Australia’s oldest 12-year-old, Ginger Meggs, has taken the next step. It’s his 100th birthday. Once dubbed Down Under’s Peter Pan by former PrimeRead More →

Anyone who remembers the era of Flash games or the heyday of the Salad Fingers web series and sites like can attest that the internet was a pretty weird place over 15 years ago. “It was random,” says Alex Norris, creator of Webcomic Name – a three-panel comic thatRead More →

(Image created with Canva) For this week’s Wednesday webcomics, I recommend some of the slice-of-life webcomics I’ve come across recently. These webcomics contain hilarious storylines, mental health checkups, social commentary, explorations of gender identity and sexuality, and more. The slice-of-life genre shows interconnected excerpts or events from the life ofRead More →

Do other lawyers besides me read the Dilbert comic strip? Scroll through some recent online on the website. They are hilarious and fully aware of the vagaries of the business world. Has anyone known a Catbert, the diabolical director of human resources? What about the spiky-haired Boss? Have you everRead More →