The newspaper comic ‘Arctic Circle’, by environmentally conscious cartoonist Alex Hallatt, is about talking penguins and their northern kin. Starting Monday, under a caption that reads ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, the menagerie will see its world shrink and its conversations center around global warming. Readers will see the drawings come toRead More →

We’ve talked about indie comics and what they do for the LGBTA fan community… but what’s more indie than webcomics? Often the product of a single artist, webcomics offer a unique opportunity to showcase the queer community in all its glory. With hundreds of possible comics, this list barely scratchesRead More →

Readers love their comics. When the Chronicle ceased publication “Get Blurry” at the end of March, the emails started almost immediately: “What happened to Get Fuzzy? Bring him back please.” “No. You can’t get rid of ‘Get Fuzzy.’ It’s one of my favourites.” “There are several awful tapes…you could haveRead More →

When Trina Robbins was around 11 or 12 years old, her mother, a schoolteacher, brought home reams of paper and lots of number two pencils. After carefully folding the sheets in half (and diligently gnawing at the pencil erasers), Robbins would draw four-page comic strips for himself. She remembers oneRead More →

The country of Arkerra is in turmoil. Trolls, goblins, gnolls and other “savage races” have banded together against the human empire of Gastonia and their allies. It’s to a band of adventurers who work to keep the peace. Do the Peacekeepers – Byron Hackenslasher the human berserker, Syr’nj the science-mindedRead More →

Jiro Sakana is a nervous 22-year-old who works at his uncle’s fish stall in the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Jiro has finally secured a date with the pretty girl in the cabin across from his, but his crippling anxiety threatens to destroy his chances. The people closest to him don’tRead More →

Chris Ware first discovered the work of the late cartoonist Frank King in the 1980s, in the seminal anthology “The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics”. Alley,” King’s long-running comic about the Chicagoan Walt Wallet and his adopted son, Skeezix, a baby left behind in 1921. Ware, an art student inRead More →