PUBG and Webtoon Partnership Produces Three New Webcomics Based on the PUBG Universe

PUBG and Webtoon Partnership Produces Three New Webcomics Based on the PUBG Universe

the PUBG The universe has expanded through a partnership with digital comics publisher WEBTOON, where three new webcomics have been released exclusively on Webtoon.

On January 29, WEBTOON released three original comics set in the PUBG called universe Retirees, night of silenceand 100. To further ensure that the PUBG smoothly translates to the webcomic platform, WEBTOON has also partnered with YLAB comics, a Korean webcomic production company. Thanks to YLAB, some familiar and well-known creators who have had their own works published on WEBTOON are also participating in the collaboration.

PUBGWEBTOON’s partnership follows Krafton CEO Changhan Kim’s plans to grow the business using the PUBG IP as a starting point. To further expand the PUBG franchise, Kim said that “Krafton will be creating different types of content (e.g. webtoons, TV series, movies, esports events, etc.)”.

The three webcomics were first released exclusively for South Korean readers in November 2021 on the Korean WEBTOON platform called NAVER WEBTOON, where the three series met with great success. As a result, WEBTOON translated the comics into English and made them available to English fans and readers.

Retirees is an action comic with author Hyungwook Shin and artist Sunhee Kim named as creators. The comic is set in the distant future, where people live in abundance in the retreats, which many consider heaven on earth. However, the luxury of pensions has been created at the expense of an underprivileged community called Brine. Residents living in the brine have only two options to survive: either serve the citizens of the retreats, or fight on the battlefields for a chance to join the retreats. The series follows John Canty, a resident of Brine whose father and grandfather died on the battlefields and finds becoming a citizen of the pensions hopeless until his new job located in the pensions, where he meets a boy named Edward who looks exactly like his own son Gable.

night of silence is a murder mystery suspense comic book with author Dongwoo Han and artist Q-Ha named as creators. The comic follows Leah as she returns to her small hometown after five years to find her father has died. The police rule her father’s death a suicide despite the evidence, which makes Leah determined to find out the truth. In the midst of it all, Leah learns that her father was writing a book called Battlegrounds with some of its pages missing. However, the townspeople prevent Leah from investigating her father’s death and will do anything to prevent her from learning the truth.

100 is an action comic with author Hyeong Eun and artist Yunyeol Choi named as creators. The comic follows Hoyoung Cheon on his mission to survive Battlegrounds: a battle royale-style game with 100 participants, where the only way to win is to eliminate the other 99 players, all of whom happen to be death row inmates. In addition to surviving, Hoyoung must also find a member of the Assembly who was captured while investigating the game and is now an unwilling participant.

When new licensed WEBTOON comics are released, known as WEBTOON Originals, they typically release three episodes on their launch day. From there, the comics will start following a weekly schedule and release one episode per week. Currently the three PUBG the comics have already released three episodes for their respective titles and will all update once a week on Sundays starting next week.