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If you’re up for the challenge of wild turkey hunting, start off on the right foot with these proven tips.

• Study. Familiarize yourself with the hunting regulations in your area, such as licensing requirements, hunting hours, and permitted equipment.

• Know your calls. You can buy many different turkey calls, including the slate skillet, swing lid box, or diaphragm. However, you don’t need all of them. It is important to practice with them and trust which one you use best.

• Practice shooting. Killing a turkey isn’t always easy. Therefore, it is best to train on life-size models.

• Observe. Watch the turkeys at the end of the day. They roost in trees, which can help you locate them at dawn. Feathers and droppings under mature trees are great clues as to where you can find them.

• Use decoys. Two or three decoys are ideal for attracting turkeys. They can give you the window of opportunity you need to take your shot.

• Blend into the background. Turkeys have remarkable vision and hearing. Therefore, show as little skin as possible and stay still. Hiding in a bird blind with a camouflage pattern should work well.

• To be patient. Don’t change your location too quickly if your calls aren’t answered. Silence does not necessarily mean that there are no turkeys nearby.

Good luck in your hunt!

In the United States, wild turkey hunting is regulated by each state. The National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) provides a wild turkey hunting guide in every state and updates it annually. Visit to learn more about season dates, bag limits, license costs and other details.