Seven Seas Announces 3 New Hiveworks Webcomic Titles

Seven Seas announced that they have licensed three Hiveworks Webcomics that they will publish as graphic novels.

The three Hiveworks webcomics are Awaken by Koti Saavedra, Never Satisfied by Taylor Robin and Tiger, Tiger by Petra Erika Nordlund.


Source: Awaken Vol. 1

Awaken tells the story of Piras as he tries to become an elite knight of the Nova Empire.

The official description reads, “Piras, the wayward and spoiled son of a military hero, dreams of becoming an elite knight for the Nova Empire. But one day, when he literally bumps into a mysterious woman in the street, his life changes.

He continues, “Rescued from a monstrous creature by a group of ‘terrorists’, Piras is mesmerized by the strange new power flowing through him – only to learn that the Empire will hunt him down for it.”

“Is this the end of his enchanted life and the start of a new quest for the truth behind the Nova Empire and the people he calls enemies? This supernatural action-mystery comic, heavily influenced by the shonen manga, is written and drawn in color by Chilean artist Koti Saavedra,” the description concludes.

Alarm Clock Vol. 1 will be available for purchase in May 2022. It will cost $17.99. An ebook will also be available for digital platforms.

This first volume will be accompanied by exclusive coverage of Seven Seas.

Never satisfied

Source: Never Satisfied Vol. 1

Never Satisfied is about an apprentice mage named Lucy Marlowe.

The description reads: “In a seaside town flanked by towering statues, a diverse group of magicians live and work with their familiars, animal companions unique to themselves. For young magicians, there is a profession more coveted than anything: to represent the champion of their city.

“Lucy Marlowe is a non-binary apprentice who wants to prove herself to an apathetic master. The other apprentice magicians reach out to Lucy and each other, but as the competition escalates, it’s unclear if the friendship can flourish when they are all set against each other,” he continues.

“Can anyone really understand anyone else? And at what price does fame come? Champion of the best new webcomic of 2015 on comic alliance, this first graphic novel of American artist Taylor Robin’s acclaimed color webcomic brings its rich magic and character drama to bookstores around the world,” the description concludes.

The first volume will also feature exclusive coverage of Seven Seas. It will be available for purchase in June 2022. It will cost $17.99.

Tiger, Tiger

Source; Tiger, Tiger Vol. 1

Tiger, Tiger tells the story of Victorian noblewoman Ludo as she explores the world as her brother.

The official description begins: “In this swashbuckling tale named by Eisner, the young woman Ludo – a pampered Victorian nobleman – dreams of romance and adventure. Driven by a desire to explore, she steals her brother’s identity and sails across the world.

“While searching for love, adventure, and enough material to write a book about his favorite sea creatures, otherworldly mysteries await in the dark depths of the sea,” the description continues.

He concludes: “Follow the thrilling and hilarious adventure of Finnish artist Petra Erika Nordlund, filled with sword fights, evil villains and the exploration of dangerous and uncharted lands!

The first volume will be available for purchase in July 2022. It will cost $19.99.