Sunday Comics needs new strips. Go find me some promises.

Fully agree. The humor tree of video game webcomics needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of… new video game webcomics. Or something. This is the only democratically elected feature on Kotaku, and I call new elections.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re down two bands from our normal 10. Brental silk store folded a few weeks ago and Virtual channels handed over the reins to two new creators, who have all perpetrated a comic since, and only one since the end of July. So here’s your chance to tell us what should be on our comics page.

Everybody likes funny and everybody likes to complain about funny, so we’ll again be having a no-holds-barred vote up or down on everything we have – existing tapes, as well as any new prospects. . Before we do that, we need to hear your suggestions for what should be on this page. If you read one elsewhere that you think should go here, now is your chance. We’d love to hear it in the comments. Going back to the previous revisions, I repeat the qualities, in order of importance, that we look for in a good comic.

1) The tape should be game-focused even if each strip is not about a game topic. Everyone is allowed to go off topic from time to time. We need something that, again, is generally about video games and gamer culture. But a comic that mentions video games, even frequently, when its topic is different or broader (e.g., if Foxtrot was a webcomic) is not viable.

2) The tape is being published and regularly updated. Regularly means at least one strip per week. This cannot be emphasized enough. Some artists can skip weeks here or there, and that’s fine. But we need to see one with a demonstrably consistent posting history, which is why Virtual channels (and Another video game webcomic) is on notice. One would post the other whenever I felt like it wouldn’t work.

3) It must be well drawn. We can’t have web comics that look like MS Paint. If it’s done in a deliberately minimalist visual style (for example, the excellent XKCD) then it must be an exceptionally well-written comic (e.g. the excellent XKCD. Which is a comic about a thousand things, one of which is occasionally games.)

With that in mind, when posting a suggestion, please post the URL where the web comic can be found. Suggestions with links will be considered first. Suggestions that require a Google search are less likely to be successful. Suggestions that are “Oh man, you should totally get that tape that had the joke about the game and the guy in it”, are also without value.

Of course, publication in Sunday comics depends on the permission of the artist, which we will endeavor to obtain. We’ll also be evaluating things editorially before rolling out the final candidate pool next week. But I’m sure we’ll have more than enough worthy nominations here, enough that we can have a solid vote on comic book deathmatch and give you the Sunday comics you want.

With that in mind, let’s hear what you have in mind.

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