Sunday Comics – The Seattle Star

Saturday morning breakfast cereal– Zach Weinersmith

ampersand – Barry Deutsch

Schematic – Michael Yu

Khartoun! – Khalid Albaih

The context

small life lines –Nick Birch

The other end – Neil Kohney

Socks and puppets – David Birch

Little moments – Wallet Steve


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life in aggro – Cecilia Vasquez & Fei Hsiao

Badly drawn lines – Reza Farazmand

wicked wonderful words

Tips and morer jigsaw puzzles

Eggs –Richard Barkers

abstruse goose

Mr. Lovenstein – JL Westover

Premium Panel

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Roast like never before – MT

On this day a monster was created…–MT

cat and girl – Dorothee Gambrell

Pocho’s cartoon – Lalo Alcaraz & Eric J. Garcia

Follow the bouncing war! —Lalo

Art- John Ohannesian

Sandra and Woo – Powree & Oliver Knörzer

Deep dark fears –Fran Krause

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Joan Cornellà

conspiracy of birds – Trevor McKee

“This world is yours” – Christophe Dombres

Pepper and Carrot – David Revoy

Shelli’s Cartoons – Shelli Prutt

comics accessories –Grant Snider

Irregular webcomic! – David Morgan-Mar

Sephko – Gojko Franulic

Bonkers – Manu Cornet

Der Wo Ente – Emile Erpel

Diesel Candy – Richard Stevens

iMBry – Bry Onglatco

Signal noise – Rob Cottingham

Niche Journal – Will Samari, Ray Martino and Raf Aan

Bro, don’t like it, La, Bro – “If Malaysia Was An Anime Part 45” – Ernest Ng

The shopkeeper Lydia –Ted Bishop

Channel Draw – Gianluca Constantini

From the portrait/essay entitled “Sixty years of humanity in action”

More interesting times –Nathan Fehr

Hugh’s Manatee Crimes – Hugh Crawford

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xkcd –Randall Munroe

Mysterious Black Cat Comics – “Death wears green”