The Political Pundit Comic Strip: Anyone Who Criticizes Me Hates The Police

Ray Hanania’s May 3, 2022 comic strip The Political Pundit, satire and opinion on politics across America and around the world, ridiculing political hypocrisy. Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau says crime is at an all-time low and anyone who disputes his claims hates the police.

By Ray Hanania

Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau insists crime is lower than it has been in the past 27 years.

And anyone who disputes that claim, which is based on data the Village of Orland Park provides to the FBI and the Village of Orland Park then points to as evidence, “hates the police.”

“Crime and no crime.” How politics and running for Congress can make anything beautiful, even when it isn’t.

Like everyone else, I can’t wait for this election to be made. The lies won’t go that far.

The Political Pundit comic from May 3, 2022. By Ray Hanania

Because he’s a fighter pilot!

But don’t bother asking the taxpayers who pay his salary who are worried about the increase in criminal incidents, or the BGA who thinks it’s ok for a village to provide the crime data to the FBI that the FBI then publishes that the BGA is exactly what the village claims.

It sounds like a Three Stooges routine.

In the end, you don’t blame the Orland Park Police for the crime in Orland Park. You blame the criminals. And no police force in the southwest suburbs is better at catching criminals than the Orland Park police.

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