This fan-made comic hilariously explains why Sora joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rather than Phoenix Wright

Kingdom Hearts’ Sora was recently revealed to be the latest challenger to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It will become playable on October 18, 2021, this coming Monday. It’s still kind of crazy to think that this actually happens.

I myself believed that Sora was a total impossibility because his inclusion would inevitably involve Disney. As a fan of Capcom’s Ace Attorney series, I was seriously hoping for Phoenix Wright, but I can still be happy for those who wanted Sora. But why did Sora grab Phoenix Wright?

Obviously, the real answer to this question is that Sora received the most votes of any newcomer during the Smash Ballot era. Meanwhile, Phoenix Wright’s home series Ace Attorney is admittedly somewhat of a niche franchise, as the entire series combined hasn’t even surpassed 10 million in sales worldwide since its debut.

A comic created by Osulan offers a different reason as to why Sora was ultimately chosen over Phoenix Wright. A video created by Gabaleth features this comic featuring Samevi’s voice acting work, TheBreezyGuy, Beep and Snowsie.

It appears that it was actually Phoenix Wright who argued Sora’s case with Disney. His (off-screen) argument was so compelling that Mickey Mouse ruled in favor of Sora.

However, it is later revealed by Maya, Phoenix Wright’s assistant, that he would have been the final challenger had Sora lost his case. This left Maya puzzled.

Although Phoenix Wright isn’t the type of attorney known for setting up a trial (unless his client is objectively guilty), it seems that Phoenix had a very strong motivation to win this particular case. Phoenix Wright struggled to imagine herself, a non-combat character, fitting into the hectic environment of Smash.