UglyZoo: the very first comic book project created specifically for the NFT market

Vancouver, Canada, February 08, 2022 — ( — Vancouver-based cartoonist Vlad, aka The Vlade, has announced the launch of “UglyZoo”, arguably the first-ever daily comic strip created specifically for the NFT Market . The UglyZoo strip features a variety of cute animal characters – starting with a penguin, an elephant, and a hippopotamus, with many more to come. Each of them has a very distinct personality, but The Vlade created them from a coherent and unifying form.

The non-fungible UglyZoo tokens will be released soon after for the community. The first set will consist of 4,999 hand-drawn, randomly generated “Pingo the Penguin” character images, with more characters to follow. With over 100,000 potential combinations for Gen 1 Pingo, only 4,999 of them will ever exist! All Gen 1 animals will have a unique and rare blue skin color, which will never be repeated. Some of the tokens will be extremely rare.

The “UglyZoo” project aspires to be a safe space for those who appreciate their uniqueness and encourages us all to be different, playful, fun and not to take ourselves too seriously.

Vlade Founder, UglyZoo says, “I’m incredibly excited to launch UglyZoo and start building a community of like-minded people. The goal is not only to create an opportunity for a community-driven project, but also to help spread crypto awareness and adoption, while utilizing the longevity potential of NFTs.

“The success of the UglyZoo project depends on the community we build. Like most things, we will need time to see how this will develop and where it will go. The potential is huge – from using these cute characters to safely ushering a new generation into the crypto economy, to giving back and making a difference.

UglyZoo’s roadmap includes giving back to the community and donating to the Open Earth Foundation, a California-based nonprofit that studies how technology could be used to fight global warming.

The Vlade began his cartooning career in 1989 and has been published internationally in hundreds of newspapers and magazines.