Wattpad Webtoon ebooks and webcomics are suitable for film and television projects


Wattpad Webtoon Studios said it is in the process of adapting a few of its e-books and webcomics into film and television projects. Specifically, it is the WEBTOON series gremoryland and serialized Wattpad ebooks unholy marriage and I am a gay wizard which is being developed into three new films and television projects.

As BleedingCool reported, acclaimed screenwriter, playwright, and novelist Gabriel Bergmoser will write the screenplay based on the popular webcomic. GremoryLand written by A. Rasen. Other than that, Wattpad eBooks unholy marriage by @xxinlove and I am a gay wizard of VS Santoni are going to be adapted into television series. For this, Alyson Weaver Nicholas will write the script for the project on the unholy marriage while Price Peterson would write the script based on I am a gay wizard.

The three Wattpad Webtoon projects will be produced by Levitz, Eric Lehrman, Lindsey Weems Ramey and Taylor Grant. Additionally, the Wattpad Webtoon Studios Development Fund is said to be funding the film and television project. Wattpad Webtoon had launched the fund in May 2020 to finance its television and film projects.

The latest film and TV venture is the latest among more than 100 such projects based on Wattpad webtoon assets that are in various stages of production. WEBTOON has become the most read comics platform in the world with more than 20 million readings on its app or online. unholy marriage and I am a gay wizard respectively have over 39.6 million and 678,000 reads on Wattpad.