Webcomics by Black Creators to discover!

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I want to take the time to highlight webcomics (from platforms like WebToon, Tapas and Hiveworks) by black creators. Here I recommend six webcomics and list the ones I have reviewed or listed so far.

This post is not sponsored. All opinions are mine.

First, credit goes to Ashley (hiashleynine) and Miracle (miracles_art) for their efforts to find and list black creator webcomics (on WebToon). They granted me permission to post this and share their list for you to check out. Below are six webcomics that I recently read and wanted to recommend. Additionally, I’ve compiled every black creator webcomic I’ve reviewed or listed on The Geekiary so far.

Please always support black creators. Don’t support black creators only during Black History Month or when police brutality is in the headlines. Don’t limit your search to black trauma; support diverse stories and experiences. Make a conscious effort to seek out and elevate the works of black creators. Your door must remain open. Always.

The Unusuals by Team Weird Enough
The Unusual

The Unusuals by Team Weird Enough

Iris has second sight, which means she can see the details and results of future events. It’s even more of a burden when she foresees a global catastrophe. To prevent it, she must travel to Delta, but will she have the power to stop this calamity?

A refreshing, intersectional superhero webcomic (Iris hails from West Africa), The Unusual is both entertaining and stimulating.

Dark Zone by Micah_ers
dark area

Dark area by Micah_ers

A mysterious epidemic leads to the disappearance of people. So Mackenzie shouldn’t be surprised to meet someone who’s gone missing, right? It turns out that someone, a young man named Aiden, shares his body with a being from an alternate world.

The storytelling and character dynamics impress me. The creator does a great job with tensions and conflicts.

Love Sickubus by Saredd
love sickubus

Love Sickubus by Saredd

Sophia satisfies her hunger through the men she dates. His last date, however, attracts the monsters. Turns out those monsters want his (pure) soul. Faced with the task of protecting him, Sophia discovers the feeling called love, something that could either strengthen her or destroy her.

Complex and complicated women, impressive world-building and a well-structured plot. I can’t wait to see where the creator takes this story.

Vampire Girlfriends by Potchimew
Vampire girlfriends

Vampire Girlfriends by Potchimew

A slice-of-life webcomic about two vampire girls going through life’s ups and downs while hanging out and hanging out with friends. A fun and sweet read.

Jamie by NDGO & Tami

Jamie by NDGO & sieve

Jamie meets Aiden at his aunt’s wedding. Having developed feelings for Aiden, Jamie discovers that Aiden goes to the same school as him. Jamie sets out, with the help of his sister Vicky, to win her heart. An endearing webcomic for fans of Heart stroke and or Please check!

Ride or Die by Mars Heyward
ride or die

Ride or Die by Mars Heyward (16+) (NEW!)

Lucy and her ex-boyfriend Vick repair a muscle car that previously belonged to Lucy’s mother. As Lucy enters the world of street racing, he soon discovers that something demonic lives inside this car.

The creator describes this webcomic as “Christina meets ghost rider meets Fast and Furious but more cheerful. It is certainly all that and more. Exciting and atmospheric.

Black creators whose webcomics I’ve reviewed/listed so far:

Mildred Louis (Featured Creator)

Sharean Morishita (Review of Love! Love! Fight!, Catch me! Fight me! Love me! listed in the March slice of life recommendations, Interview)

Bi Ass by The Purple Alien (listed in February’s Valentine’s Day article)

Afro Chronicles by Jayden (listed in February’s Valentine’s Day article)

love bingo by Tee Franklin & Jenn St-Onge (Tee Franklin) (listed in February Valentine’s Day post)

wandering souls by Diana (Review)

Geneva Bowers (Featured Creator)

Afro Adventures by MysticalScribbles (listed in March slice of life recommendations)

Ava and bird by Dylbee (listed in March slice of life recommendations)

sarcastic therapy (listed in March slice of life recommendations)

Beware of toddlers by George Gant (listed in March slice-of-life recommendations, Interview)

Mousopp (Dawn listed in the March slice of life recommendations, sun boy listed in the August slice of life recommendations)

Jupiter-Men by ActionKiddy (listed in the February digest)

Legend of Althea by Royce Adkins (listed in the February summary)

Gaby Wolf (Passage listed in February Summary and MerMay Pt. 2, spring quarter (18+) listed in the April summary, Interview)

Tani Andrews (creator spotlight, interview, Hit L listed in the Canvas Festival post, seeds of doubt listed in August’s New Webcomic Recommendations)

high school bites by Amaurisaur (listed in the March summary)

Ravi Teixeira (designer projector)

Strawberry sea mousse by Bryan Golden (Review, Interview, Listed in MerMay Pt. 1)

Hell by Seth Smith (listed in the April summary)

Our universe by Jenny Toons (Interview)

Necahual by 2Heroes (Crystal & Sergio) (listed in the April summary)

the warlock by KurohJ (listed in the April summary)

The Alchemist’s Chronicle by Alchemy Kat (listed in July summary, listed in Canvas Festival post)

Sunflowers for Dragons by hiashleynine (Interview)

Olivia Stephens (creator spotlight, artie and the wolf moon review)

Ashanti Fortson (creator spotlight, interview, Galanthus listed in the July summary)

Mouna Touré (Featured Creator)

Bread: A Mermaid’s Tale by stupid innocence (listed in July’s Short Webcomic Recommendations)

STARS: a short story by twinkletoes21 (listed in July’s Short Webcomic Recommendations)

Daily life of a young doc by generalblacko (listed in the July summary)

edge of normal by SleeplyMia (listed in the July digest)

Curse of the Dragon by Hannah Camarato & Alex J. Vincent (Alex J. Vincent) (listed in the July summary, Interview)

Tested by YGetIt? Program (16+) (listed in August Slice of Life Recommendations)

torture by Brent Bristol (listed in August’s New Webcomics Recommendations)

Welcome to the squad by Onyinyeda (listed in the August digest)

Humans by InDaviduall (listed in the August digest)

Badly drawn by Jam m. (listed in the August summary)

Evelyn and her friends by boxful Thoughts (listed in the August digest)

If you know of a webcomic from a black creator that hasn’t been listed yet, please let Ashley and Miracle know via their ongoing listing!

Are you a black webcomic creator? Fill out their form here to be included!

For more great webcomic recommendations, check out our Wednesday Webcomics Archive! You can also read more about black creators and their works on The Geekiary here.

Author: Brahidaliz Martinez

Brahidaliz (pronounced Bra-da-leez) is a 2019 graduate of American University’s MFA in Creative Writing program. Their cross-genre chapbook, Coquí’s Song, is forthcoming (2023) with Mason Jar Press.

Pronouns: he/they

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