Babe! Series tells the story of two women in their twenties who live together.

Babe! Series, by bisexual Filipina artist Darunni, is a fun girl-on-girl love story full of cuteness, blushing and sweetness. It is partly based on the relationship between Darunni and his ex-girlfriend, Zoey, who work together on the comic.

Liz and Zoey live together as a romantic couple, with Liz as an illustrator and Zoey as a serious homosexual. She also has a cat named Aiden.

Babe! Series has a compelling storyline and characters, even through the numbers are short. This is backed up with colorful illustrations that draw you in. Throughout the comic, Liz calls Zoey “babe” rather than using her real name, hence the name of the comic!

Zoey has her soft lines and loves cats. I can’t relate to the first part, but I’m also a person who really loves cats. Some of my favorite episodes were when the characters broke the fourth wall.

Although the series ran from March 2020 to February 2021 and is no longer updated, it is still intriguing to read. One of the leads, Liz, is queer and Asian, while the other, Zoey, is pansexual and white. The comic was drawn, according to a Q&A, with a drawing monitor known as Huion Kamvas GT-191 V2, using software like Clip Studio Paint and SketchUp, and previously Medibang.

The webcomic, which has over 40 episodes, is written and illustrated by Darunni, with Zoey Medic as co-author. Darunni is also known for her webcomics She’s a keeper, No coffee no life, and Oh! My genius. The last two series are on extended hiatus, while the first series is ongoing and entering its second season. The characters in this webcomic were created in October 2019 and it was Darunni’s idea to make it a slice of life comic.

Babe! Series is one of the girls’ many recent love stories. This includes some series recommended by Darunni, like rabbit problem, as well as others like mage queen and demon, high class gays, Not so shoujo story, Princess of Bloomville, bring me love, vowrune, Ice Slaughter, and The Pirate and the Princess, just to name a few that are currently underway.

Babe! Series is available to read on WebToon and the WebComics app.

You can find Darunni on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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Author: Burkely Hermann

Burkely is a declassified document indexer by day and a fan fic writer by night. He recently earned an MLIS with a concentration in Digital Preservation from the University of Maryland. He currently voraciously watches anime series and reads too many webcomics to rely on Webtoon. He enjoys swimming, hiking and researching his family roots in his spare time.

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