bring me love tells the story of Brie who falls in love with another woman after her previous relationship ends.

Bring me love, by Arianna, Mexican illustrator, is a romantic story in pastel colors. However, it contains adult situations and themes, with a disclaimer that it is “recommended for mature audiences only”. It’s probably partly because of things like alcohol consumption, like drinking too much and passing out. Please allow me to clarify that this review will contain spoilers for the webcomic’s plot and characters.

Brie Williams, the story’s protagonist, tells her friend that she will never date her again after breaking up with his girlfriend, Gina. However, she is attracted to a dark-haired, brown-skinned woman named Lou, who flirts with her. She later meets Lou at a local bar, telling him about her troubled life, and she drinks too much, causing Lou to drive her home. The next day, she breaks down crying after fighting with Gina and is surprised to see Lou at her doorstep.

bring me love has compelling characters and plot, even though it’s mainly focused on two characters: Brie and Lou. Sometimes simplicity can work in favor of a larger story. In this case, it definitely is, just like with some parts of High Guardian Spice. It’s not that the scenes don’t have a design, but rather it’s that the most detail and focus is on the characters, which clearly indicates what those who read the webcomic should pay attention to: visuals, the characters, their expressions, their emotions, and what they go through from panel to panel. This is the driving force behind this webcomic before anything else.

And that makes it wonderful in its own way. Not all webcomics need to be as detailed in everything or have a whole team working on them like some of the more popular webcomics. Some webcomics can be like this, and still have a uniqueness, which makes them different from any other webcomic and amazing in many ways. The colors in this webcomic are amazing and each panel pops out to the reader, inspiring you to read more and become more invested in the story and its characters as it progresses.

bring me love, which currently has eleven episodes, is written and illustrated by Ariann. She is also known for odd worlds, which is available on WebToon and Tapas. In a recent update, she said the story was based on her own experiences and that she would make it more detailed by changing episodes early on and encouraged readers to leave comments to let her know. they liked the changes or what improvements they’d like in the story moving forward. Basing a webcomic on his lived experiences makes sense, especially for a webcomic like this, which is based on a more real setting than a magical fantasy like high class gays Where Bewitched.

bring me love is one of many recent stories to focus on girl love. In fact, one of the stories she recommended was Meli Apt’s. save you, another love story between girls! Other examples include Curryuku’s Not so shoujo love story, that of Madamka Diamond Diving, Tiana Warner and April Weaver Ice Slaughter, Amaiuwu’s Mira!, to name a few.

bring me love is available to read on WebToon.

You can find Arianne on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The webcomic can be supported on Patreon.

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Author: Burkely Hermann

Burkely is a declassified document indexer by day and a fan fic writer by night. He recently earned an MLIS with a concentration in Digital Preservation from the University of Maryland. He currently voraciously watches anime series and reads too many webcomics to rely on Webtoon. He enjoys swimming, hiking and researching his family roots in his spare time.

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